CrossCode Update #43
Mostly Graphics

Hi again!
Yes, we’re one day late this time. Sorry for that!

Let’s go right to the update. Since last time, we worked mostly on graphical content – so expect some nice pictures.

Rhombus Square at the horizon

We have shown you concept art from a new place called Rhombus Square in a previous update.
Now I have created first in-game graphics for this location – a neat background:


What you see here is a skyline view at Rhombus Square. This background will be displayed during an important cutscene at the beginning of the game, which will be developed soon.

More cabin details and other graphics

Thanks to Teekuh, the crew of our cargo ship won’t starve anymore with this new, fantastic galley:

Note: this screen is only a mock up, which will be properly implemented soon. That’s why the lighting is kind of strange in the lower left corner.

In addition, T-Free is currently working on a new enemy (a kind of mid-boss) and Martina will soon continue working on graphics for a completely new area!


So, not too much content for the game this time, right? This is partly because we spend more time on another end:
We continued planning the future of Radical Fish Games as a company. We talked with several people on how to get finances for our project. We got to the conclusion that crowd funding will be our best bet. Still, there might be some other ways that will help us out financially, at least in short terms. In general: things are not always that easy in Germany…

And that’s all for this week’s update! In case you’re still waiting for our next Technical Report about Optimizing JavaScript in Game Engines – I’ll work on this one soon and post it before the next CrossUpdate. So, within the next two weeks.

Thanks for following our news and until next time!

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