CrossCode Demo – Bugfixes

Hi everyone!

The important thing first: we finally updated the CrossCode Demo! The new version fixes several bugs and has small improvements here and there.
You can find the new version in our newly revamped webpage:

Also, we finally got a proper trailer:

Kudos to Taifuuni Advertising, who helped us a lot putting this trailer together!

So what changed in the new version? Just read on!

First things first

So we’d like to get one thing out of the way first, because it’s kinda urgent:

If you do like CrossCode and you’d like to support us, please consider voting CrossCode for “Indie of the Year 2014” at IndieDB:

We’d very much appreciate it. Note, that the vote only lasts about two more days!

All them bugs

So after the long crunch time we had the week before the release, some of us actually thought we’d be finally able to relax a bit. We thought wrong. This is what happened:



Like… so many of them! Well, that’s to be expected when you only have a very short beta test and add way too much content and features on the day of the release.

Serves us right.

Or in other words: we’re sorry for the buggy release and are really humbled that so many of you still enjoyed the game. And also we want to say a big thank you to all the people who sent us these detailed bug reports! Thanks to your help we managed to fix a lot of the problems.

Here is a short (incomplete) list of things that have been (hopefully) fixed:

  • The crash at the end of the puzzle mode and several other occasions
  • All those saving, loading and respawning issues, such as resetting levels, non-resetting skills and overlapping with things like blocks that moved back to their original position
  • Canceling Shizuka’s special attack and other crazy stuff
  • Pulling yourself backwards through walls
  • Display bugs in the equipment menu
  • A whole bunch to map errors
  • Wrong treasures count in the exploration part (… we’re sorry!!)

So apart from all these fixes, the new version also has a couple of changes:

  • Damage is computed slightly different now: compared to before, you do more damage on enemies with very high DEF and slightly less damage when you have very high ATK.
  • You can now reset your skills by talking to Carla in the Exploration mode. It’ll cost you some credit (finally you can use it) but it’s not much.
  • When loading a game your position is always at the point where you last entered the map.
  • Shizuka’s special is now slightly more awesome. I think.
  • Your old saves will hopefully work, but we changed some things there. So it might be that you’ll start at the wrong spot in the map. This shouldn’t be a problem in most situation, but in others it might. We’re sorry if this should break some of your save states!
  • The standalone version of the game has been extended by some libraries that might improve performance on some machines. If the standalone was running much slower than the browser version you should give the new version a try. And please tell us if it works or not.


Overall, we’re quite content with the reception (especially considering all the bugs). CrossCode also has been featured in several videos and webpages. Here a short list:

  • IndieDB tweeted about us.
  • Dekay (German Let’s Player from the Gronkh network) played CrossCode in a live stream. We’ve been around in the chat as well.
  • VSauce3 mentioned CrossCode in a DONG!
  • Siliconera wrote an article about us.

…and we didn’t really reach out to the press yet. That’s what we plan to do next.

Next steps

Apart from more bugfixes (there will most likely be some bugs left in this version, so keep the bug reports coming), we now have to prepare for our big Crowdfunding Campaign in February 2015.

You can expect an extended demo (like a Demo++) to be released around that date as well. And what will be new in this version? We still need to plan this. But most likely there will be more puzzle content and more interesting stuff to do in the Exploration part. Maybe even a bit more plot. That depends on how much time we’ll find in the next two month.

And that’s all we can report for now!
Again, a huge thank you to everyone playing our game, submitting bug reports and giving valuable feedback! We wouldn’t have come so far with CrossCode without your support. :D

Until the next update!


  • Enderblaze14 on December 9, 2014 at 1:09 am said:

    So, I’m using the windows version of the game, and I wanted to know how to move my old save to the new demo. Which file is it?

    • I just deleted the old game folder from my desktop, put the new one there, started it. It worked.
      They said the save file is somewhere in AppDate i think, so it’ll remain there, no need to do anything.

    • Yeah, just replace the game folder with the new one! They saves are inside your user folder :)

  • JarJarThinks on December 9, 2014 at 1:54 am said:

    So I booted up my save in the standalone in the new demo, I’ve noticed a few items are missing from my inventory, namely the the weapon for beating the purple hedgehog and the weapon to the left of the boss challenge, which sucks because those were the best weapons in my opinion, other items I’ve noticed are the Leaf Cape and the Pig mask.

    I currently have 31/32 chests opened, with the last chest being a key piece (which annoys me greatly) and all chests are opened when I go to where you get the missing items.

    Will I have to start a new exploration to have these items?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi! About the equipment: I saw that problem coming, added a fix, but failed in doing so (that’s what I get for not testing).
      I looked at the code today and found the error. I have now uploaded a new version (v0.1.2), so please download it and try again.
      You still we start without equipment, but you should find your originally equipped items back in the inventory.

  • I’m looking forward to the Kickstarter. Don’t you think it’d be hilarious if one of the rewards is Lea with a bug plush? I sure do! …anyone? Nobody? Ok >.<

    Good stuff! I'm actually surprised the demo was updated so quickly. Some of my friends who've yet to try the demo are going to be in for a treat! :D

    The references are absolutely hilarious btw. I won't name them as to not spoil anything but I sure do hope we get a few more sly mentions hehe. :3

  • The trailer amuses me, it shows most places where i found skips and small time saves. I’m really looking forward to learn strats and optimize the whole game when it’s out. :)

    Also WOW, this damage nerf is quiet powerfull especially in the early game. No more 18 second Boss challange i guess, sub 20 is still possible i tested it but 2 saws instead of 3 makes all the difference. But it had to be done i guess, the damage was quiet rediculous with higher level and no newer enemies.

    Looking forward to the Kickstarter. Do you have plans for donation incentives? I definitely plan to contribute.

    • Hi there,

      yeah, you can expect that a lot of balancing aspects of the game will change over time.

      We are about to start planning donation incentives, but we have ideas like getting the finished game, early access to developed versions, being part of a quest and other things.

    • I just got 18.98 crabby redux BTW

      • That’s the wrong screenshot. :P
        I guess you got one crabhammer and then he immediately jumped at you? I got that once but couldn’t recreate it. The Boss is easy to manipulate but i mostly get a second action like a walk to the sides or a jump backwards, to get him to jump immediately is sheer luck.

      • I got 18.06, but I think that’s mainly because I got a random critical hit in there.

        I’m not using the Sphere Saw, I’m using Spin Dance. Run behind the crab so it can’t target you: it starts jumping.

        Screenshot link

  • OK, here is something that really bothers me: The “Neutral Mode” Key does not work. Neither the standard one (“5”) nor any custom one. I tried on any save file and a newly started game.

    It is not that intuitive for me to press the same button twice to go back into neutral mode, at least not if this is the only option. When I am in battle and want to switch back to neutral, then I do not want to first think about what the current mode is which button I have to press for it.

    But I am sure you thought about this as well, in this is simply a small bug.

  • There is just one chest that I cannot find for the life of me. I’ve searched every section of the area multiple times, but I still only have 31/32 chests… If only…

  • There’s one chest I still just can’t find! I’ve searched everywhere for hours and I don’t see any unopened boxes. So, I’m assuming this chest is invisible and there’s a task in order to make it appear. I’ve found the one that unlocks with the blue hedgehog and the one with the 6 switches and the 1 individual switch. Are there more hidden chests than those? I also assume my missing key piece is in this chest, though that may or may not be true. This chest is really elusive!! Had there been a walkthrough/cheat sheet for this chest, I would have used it long ago. D:

    • Oh, and one more thing I forgot to add. Does the NPC that says he’s “in the middle of something” have to do with a chest? ‘Cause he is such a mystery! I keep wondering what the heck he could be in the middle of.
      Also, does that square tree have anything to do with a chest? It’s pointed out by another NPC who says only time will tell if it is for an event or something that is unreleased.

      • That NPC does absolutely nothing. Have you done the challenges yet? You need to beat a certain giant blue crab in order to get the last key piece. Then you have to fight even more things before getting the last chest.
        Best of Luck!

      • Oh yes those NPCs? What could they tell us? I guess… only time will tell :p

        In all serious though, there are 32 chests. It’s all good this time. I just checked and got them all to test things out :)

  • I made a list of all items with their respective areas of obtainment.
    Item List

    I dunno, what you devs think of this, but well the comments are moderated, you as well just erase this post.

  • Absolutely fantastic work and really shows off the state of the art in browser-based games. I can’t believe how smooth and responsive this is. I’ll definitely be watching and waiting for updates with interest.

    For those still trying to find that last chest before the boss redux and the enemy rush, it took me hours to find it too. If you’re missing the Daikon weapon, comb over the Observatory area carefully, there’s a well-hidden chest.

  • Sweet! I’m so glad you guys keep on this game :D

  • Hello, i have only collected 31/32 chests and i searched everywhere and i couldn’t find the 32 chest, So i want to check is there a 32 chest or this is a bug ?

  • In my stats screen it appears as if I have all the boxes —it says 32/32. However, I only have one of the keys. When I go to the Observatory and talk to the captain, he asks Lea “Ye found all darn pieces?,” to which Lea responds “[shakes head],” meaning, I presume, that I haven’t found “all [the] darn pieces.” Can somebody please explain to me what’s going on here?

    • Also, in the Valuables section of my inventory, besides having only one key, I have something called “SecretBall,” the description of which says “There used to be two of them!” However, I do have two of them! How does that make sense? I suspect one of the balls was meant to be one of the keys. Am I right? Please explain.

      • Please disregard the previous two comments; I got my last key by defeating the Giant Crab. However, I’ve been reading the other comments and it seems there’s supposed to be only 32 boxes; now I have 33. How is that so?

        • Is it possible that you tried to load a save file? Or did you start a new save file since the updated release? I tested everything yesterday and it seems to work. Now I can totally see that our bugfixes for saving could lead to such a problem.

        • The blue guy, giving you the second key tells you to find all boxes, to get into his challenge. However you can only find 32 boxes on your own. Hence the fact that there are actually more than those 32 boxes, is hidden away at first, so people don’t get confused as to when to approach him.
          Once you get the 33th item it will also be shown in the stats.

          • OK, now I understand. Thanks for clarifying.

            In another matter, I already defeated the Crab and completed the Observatory challenge. I also completed the puzzle and the story. Is there anything else to do in this game?

      • Nope, we’re just teasing :P

      • I’ve been trying to find the secretballs but have been unsuccessful. I found the masterball though…

        I followed the instructions and apparently the instructions to get the masterball is exactly the same for secretballs, so I’m confused where the chest for Secretballs are?

  • There is a Tree with no collision on the map with the blue guy who gives you the crab challange.

    Also take a look at the boundaries at the very top right map of the exploration area, the map where the first key peace is. Right next to the transition you can jump out of bounds from the upper platform.

    Also also could you please speed up the moving platforms in the upper room of the puzzle section? That would be nice. ;)

    • Oh, do you play the Puzzle on time attack too? If so, what’s your best time?

      And yes, that autoscroller gets really boring after replaying it dozens of times. But the whole Platforming section is rather basic and easy,speeding up that section might not quite fit into the rest of the puzzle.

      I was thinking about switch that you shoot to speed up the section, maybe even shoot it multiple times, making it a bit faster with each shot. :D

    • Adding a switch sounds like a good idea too me. We made it slower because it’s the first time you’ll do this and it should be easy for everyone. Chances are you might not be that familiar with the controls yet and get frustrated.
      For future challenges, this should be more challenging of course!
      Looking forward the speedrun :D

  • It would be easier to report bugs to you guys if we could post images in this blog.

  • I might not be really looking too hard, but how do you fight the blue crab thing?

    • You defeat the blue crab exactly like the crab from the story mode – the enemy only has higher stats. If you didn’t play the story mode yet, I suggest you do this first – and afterwards you should know how to fight the blue crab :D

      • No, what I meant was how do you start fighting the blue crab? As in how to be able to trigger the blue crab thing?

        • The blue skinned guy in the most northern room tells you to find all 32 boxes to try your luck in his challenge. That challenge is the crab.

  • Found a bug where if you save after beating the first boss in story mode but before going back into the ship, then reload the save, you appear on the cargo containers where you fought the boss, with the captain and the other guy hovering in midair.

    You can continue the game by jumping down and going back into the ship, but you can also jump off the ship and run around on the water.

  • Found a bug
    it happen if you have dash art .
    Normal-dash into water and as soon as you leave the land, hold space bar. when you spawn back in land you can run around with dash art-ready.

    and where do i find the blue Crab for the last chest

    • Thanks a lot for this report!
      That was a case we didn’t consider yet. I just had a look at it. We’ll fix this bug for the next release.
      The most dramatic thing btw: When you die falling into the water while charging for a special attack, your charge + slowdown will continue, such that the respawn transition takes forever. It might even stop the game entirely.

    • Ah, about the blue crab: You need to collect all 32 chests of the area. Then you can take on the final challenge of the designer and fight the blue crab. Urinstein posted a map with all item locations somewhere in the comments here.

    • Found another bug branching off of this – I found that if I died in this mode, I came back normal but the entire game was slowed down until you reload the window – not sure how to fix it on the downloaded version.

  • it is impossible to get past training with the captain if you use a trackpad. Please help!

  • Oh hell yes! I got a sub 3 in the Puzzle Mode.
    Puzzle 2:58

  • Bbaass_TMH on December 14, 2014 at 3:53 pm said:

    I found out I can shoot some of the hedgehogs in this area, and they don’t stay in combat mode or come and attack me.
    But some of them do stay in combat mode, even though they don’t come and attack me.

    I made a short video demonstrating it, and show on the map where I am:

    • Thanks for the report and video!
      I fixed this particular case.

      It will be challenging to avoid these kind of problems in all situations, but we’ll try our best.

  • A hint for people for people who can’t find the 32th chest: there is a chest hidden behind a tree in what the item list calls area 16.

  • Really – I read about this game on a gaming website, where they said it wasn an RPG – but now i tried it and I think it’s more like a super hard action game. I’m still on the shitp where I have to fight this big crab like think, and I can’T see a chance for ever beating that thing! It’s moving, flyaing and jumping way too fast, I normally die within 30seconds without even seing what exactly hit me. My ‘highscore’ was stealing this crab about 5% of it’S hp.

    And I have to skip through all this talking before every try, in fact it feels like the talking part lasts about twice as long as I’m able for surviving this boss. :(

    So how can I win this fight?

    • Well… CrossCode is an Action-RPG so there is a certain amount of Action in there. :D

      The crab is quite difficult if you don’t know the strategy and we might reduce the difficulty once we introduce difficulty levels (so the current state will be what the ‘hard’ difficulty is).

      As for how to win this fight:
      you need to be able to dodge the attacks. Don’t aim during this fight, just run around and do a lot of dashing to avoid the attacks. The burst attack can be avoided by dashing sideways, the bubbles can be blocked with the shield. As for the jump: do a dash shortly before the crab hits the ground. Make sure to move in all directions to stay away from the walls.

      As for how to damage the crab: whenever the crystal on top of the crab is exposed, run on top of its back (running up the openend container from the south) and hit it with close combat attacks. Note that there will be an explosion at the crystal after a short time – make sure to jump down before that to avoid damage.

      Oh, and also: you can select “Skip Cutscene” in the Pause Menu (press ESC) to skip all the talking.

      Hope that will help you. Good luck!

      • Ayden Tavakoli on April 16, 2015 at 5:11 am said:

        I have 30 chests and I haven’t found the purple porcupine yet and I’ve heard of a blue crab. Is the crab in exploration? Sort of confused on how to get the last two chests. I need some help.

  • Seratina on April 6, 2015 at 8:47 pm said:

    I beat the crab in 18.99 seconds!! I’m not sure how to post the picture though…

  • To be completely unrelated, I just started playing, and I’m using a laptop. When I hit the training sequence with the captain, it told me to dodge and aim. I’m using a trackpad, and I was wondering how to complete that without going out and getting a mouse.

    • Hey!
      Well… we will add an alternative dash button. That should help.
      But otherwise I think playing the game with a trackpad is quite the challenge and really not recommended by us.

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