CrossCode Demo Release


2 years ago we released the TechDemo for CrossCode and today is the day. The day we proudly release the first real Demo! It’s demo time. CrossCode demo time!



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Oh and did we mention you can also download CrossCode now? So you can play it without being online?

>>> Download Now! (Windows only) <<<

So what do you get in this demo? Here’s an overview.

Story Mode

plotA first look at the plot of CrossCode.

Puzzle Mode

puzzleA small peek at new puzzle mechanics.

Exploration Mode

exploreVisit Autumn’s Rise, level up, train your skills and beat the ultimate challenge.

Thank you all so much for staying with us, helping us make the game better and being so supportive. We love you all and we hope you’ll have plenty of fun with this new demo!
Over the past 2 years we got from a simple idea to a full blown Action-Puzzle-RPG. This is ridiculous. In a good way! And we won’t just stop there.
We don’t want to overload the release with too much information so I’ll stop right there. We will talk a bit more about the demo release, our future plans and, of course, your feedback next week! But a small note: We will change the look of the landing page for the game over the next week.

So until then:

Happy Ball throwing from Radical Fish Games

P.S. Intero uploaded the newest tracks to SoundCloud! Check it out!

P.S. 2 We updated the demo so hopefully all the crashes are gone. But keep the feedback coming. It helps us a great deal!



  • Sonnen Krieger on December 1, 2014 at 3:26 am said:

    Congratulations on your release.
    I’m half an hour into the demo now.
    As far as I can tell, its one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played.
    I rofled so much on the Velsarbor cameo.
    I paused the game just to say “Thank you” for the amazing experience.
    Now I go back to playing.
    Keep the good work.


    • Henning Hartmann on December 1, 2014 at 4:09 am said:

      Did it happen in Exploration-mode? Because I found a crash that can happen if you speak with a certain unimportant NPC near a certain building. For now, stay away from women with long, dark red hair (only in-Game of course)!

      Sadly I only found and fixed it after the official version was uploaded, sorry for that… =w=

      • It actually happened right after the congratulations banner came up in the puzzle dungeon.

        • When playing the demo, the game also froze for me right after completing the puzzle dungeon.

          Also, the mice are MUCH MUCH MUCH easier when you have close-combat powers.

        • This is such a weird error. We tested on all browsers and never got something like it. I highly suspect some sort of Softlock since there never is an error message.

          • I got it in the same situation.

            Browser: Opera 26.0.1656.24 (“Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/39.0.2171.65 Safari/537.36 OPR/26.0.1656.24”)
            OS: Windows 7

          • Update: could not reproduce in a second attempt.

  • Downloading it right now, i played the entry level on the browser and i already get the Lachsen vibes from this game. Somehow managed to softlock it after i tried to skip a cutscene. :)

    Super happy this demo is out.

  • So I’m guessing there are plenty references in this game. If im not mistaken i just found a super smash bros. reference.

  • This is really awesome, so far I’ve gotten to the part where the crash-NPC is at…whom I obviously tried to talk to..anyway I have noticed something and I don’t know if it’s just me or if other people have but after I restarted the game and loaded my save, if I die once my level gets reset to 1. I have tried restarting the game a number of times and reloading the save and it happens each time.

    Beyond that this game is really impressive, I’m glad I’ve kept up on the progress.

  • Saw this on Reddit, my god is this a good game. I’ll definitely be following this game to see what becomes of it.

  • Just finished the Puzzle mode, and on to Exploration! Darn it, this demo’s really good, first thing noticable is how dynamic the tutorial part is, it really gives a better impression of the game already. It seems quite mysterious too, but I guess ending the story mode on a cliffhanger was necessary to hook us all up.
    That aside, can’t be more content. Story mode is amazing, pixel art is priceless (and so are Lea’s facial expressions, seriously she doesn’t need dialogue XD), and I’m only focusing on her, because EVERYTHING so far is amazing to witness and play around with.

    On to Exploration ASAP!

    Oh and little question: will Lea’s voice samples/new words will be side-quest rewards or anything along those lines?

    • Thanks a lot! :D

      No probably not, as it would be hard to make this work with the main plot and other side quests. However we could think of words Lea only uses with side quests an NPCs. It’s worth discussing! :)

      • Aw, that’s too bad, but I understand. I’m glad it can be considered, at least. Good luck with that! (still haven’t completed the Exploration mode yet. I AM having fun, though).

        • The same thing happend to me, on the latest chrome version. The javascript console had this to say: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘Ta’ of undefined in game.compiled.js
          Of course since the game is minified this could mean anything, but basically the equivalent of a null pointer exception

          Hope this helps somewhat, it happens just as the screen fades to black at the end of the puzzle dungeon

          • Sorry just noticed I replied to the wrong comment, I meant to write about the game crash at the end of puzzle mode

  • Small bug in the main menu: when you navigate using the gamepad, the buttons for Puzzle and Exploration get selected in the wrong order.

  • Great Game as expected, really liked it. I’m excited to see the story progress and I also liked the gameception thing so the NPC’s ingame know that they can level up and stuff, pretty sure there’s gonna be some funny dialogs.

    The puzzle was a bit short, like the “developer note” said. Is there some estimated date for the new version? Nonetheless the dungeon felt like some zelda and portal mix and that’s just great.

    The exploration with the menu and heat/cold elements (personally never used cold because of that low damage) is really fun. the (hidden)treasures are like the ones in Velsarbor where you had to jump a couple times to reach them but it’s way less time consuming. I just can’t find out how to get to those 4+ switches. The melee attacks also fit in pretty well, it makes battles against a bunch of enemies alot easier and dash out of the last melee move can lead into nice combos.

    Some weird stuff also happend. I saved the game, then in the circuit menu, on the melee special switch, appeared a “hack” graphic on the top and bottom and I couldn’t switch. However, a restart solved the problem.

    Another thing is when I die in the final challange, I can’t open the menu or save the game and if i try the challange again and beat it, the game freezes.

    Also in exploration, it says you open the menu with Y, but you open it actually with BACK.

    And the game menu has some weird controls with a gamepad or keyboard. Exit is never reached and puzzle and exploration seems swapped.

    I played the windows version, because chrome laggs for an unknown reason.

    Anyway, great game. Can’t wait until the next release.

    • First: Chrome lags because of a issue called micro-stuttering. This is a serious issue and the devs are working on it! Imagine us the first time we noticed… :D

      Thanks for playing the game and happy to hear you liked it! I swear you can reach the switches! You have to take a long walk over 2 maps for it ;)

      The save bug kinda bugs me. It seems the save system is not quite good at handling things. We have to seriously test it through every worst case it seems. We fixed the other things you mentioned however! So at least you can now close the game.
      (Dang it and here I though I found a way to keep you in-game!)

      P.S. A new version will be out with the Kickstarter. But we will update this version over time it bugs occur and we can fix them quickly!

      • (Sorry to busrt the bubble) Does that mean the current version of the game will have updates, or that we’ll have to download each new version? I personally don’t mind both methods, but I’m not sure which one’s more practical/time-consuming.

        • Yes! Both versions will get smaller updates. Mostly serious bug fixes. But we plan to release an updated version for the Crowd-Funding event too!

          • Oh! Ok then, thanks for the info.
            Oh, the crowd-funding event. Right. You guys do need more attention, I hope that’ll be successful, but it should be find!

  • Now that I’ve finally finished playing the demo (3 chests left is all that is left but I’ll find them later) I wanted to say yet again that this is awesome and you guys that created this are truly awesome. It looks and sounds amazing, it plays wonderfully, and the hidden pathways and chests kept me playing longer than I would have thought.
    Going back to my last comment about a bug, I only experienced it once since R.D. said the game was updated and it was minor at that. What I mean is that time when I died my level went down 2 levels but my items all stayed along with my skill points (so now I have 20 skill points at level 18 :P). This by itself probaly isn’t all too weird but all the items in the zone/area had respawned so I was able to get two Rausers and Leaf capes.
    That’s all for my criticism for the demo now I’m just curious what you devs got for your times on the challenges? :P
    My times as of now are
    Crate crab: 22.5 seconds (forgot the exact)
    Observatory challenge: 4:31 minutes/seconds
    sorry if this is too long of a comment.

    • Long comments are completely okay :)

      That save bug is really strange. Should it ever happen again. Do the same thing as in the comment below! Maybe we can find the cause for it!

      My personal best times are 2 seconds for the crab and 40 seconds for the observatory. I’m a developer I can give myself power!!!
      Jokes aside. It think also got around 20 for the boss and 3-4 minutest for the ultimate challenge. Not sure anymore :D

      I’m happy to see people are trying to make a good time. Someday someone will master it and to the ultimate challenge in 2 minutes…

      • My personal best was 2:51, watch here:

        There is still a lot of ways to improve the run, but 2 minutes would be a really hard challenge =P.

        Anyways, I found another little bug. The total game time does not reset the minutes after they go over 60, my game time is like 2:143:12
        and another bug which is quite annoying, the mouse robots can’t get hit with Bullet Rain.

        • So far best I’ve gotten is 3:15, never knew about that melee trick with the gophers but when I tried it out I found it’s a bit hard to do using a tracpad. I should use a mouse huh? xD
          One way you could do it faster is for the first 2 sets of weak-top enemies, the shield blast knocks them out in one hit so you can kill them all soon as they spawn.

        • Wow, that’s pretty impressive. Good use of combat features and the “First Cut”-Art.

          Yes the minutes somehow got a little funky there. We’ll fix this :D
          Oh you can’t? I guess because there pretty fast or maybe the balls have a weird hitbox… I’ll take a look at it!

  • last thing
    I had to redo the observatory challenge because the game crashed after it displayed the time so it didn’t save, new time is 3:57:27 :P

    • Mh that is weird. Whenever these craches happen. Could you make a screenshot? And maybe press SHIFT + CTRL + J to open the console. Maybe you find a red error message there. You can send those to us via mail!
      Thanks for all the testing.

      • If I get anymore while I search for the elusive final chest I’ll do just that, I don’t know why I didn’t screenshot them to begin with. Although now something I neglected to mention is that when the game had crashed after the final challenge the “Bloody Hell…” message comes up, same as the one that would come up if you play it on browser without internet

        • If the Bloody Hell message popped up. We should have received the error. So me might find it in our database.
          There is a bug with the chests. You actually only need 32 to do the boss challenge. #33 you get from that fight and 34 from the ultimate challenge. We’ll update this soon!

          • I only had maybe 20 chests when I first did the boss challenge (the crate crab right) and I’ve got the all the reward chests, I think there’s just one somewhere that I missed.
            I look forward to updates, this has only gotten more fun since the first time I saw it, which was pretty close to the first post on this blog.

        • Aw thanks! Yes there was a bug with the boss challenge. You would only need one chest for it. This was for testing and somehow ended up in the release. Weird! It’s fixed now so it the update should make it right.

          • I downloaded the game yesterday and I could do the crab at around 25 chests. Also an other bug I found which happened only once is that the brown bull enemie stoped moving or attacking until I killed it. Sorry for not taking screenshots I was too lazy I will in the future . Love the game my favorite puzzle action rpg game already!

          • Thanks, we’ll look into the bug! There will be a total of 34 chests :)

  • Where to begin?

    The Demo is awesome, consider me impressed.

    The animations and sounds are such an improvement to the tech demo. The visuals and the details in sprites and objects are stunning and captivating, it really sets the mood well.
    The story mode got me interested in what is giong on. One particular reference did not escape my eye which was charming. The dialogue and characters are quirky and interesting.

    The mechanics are my favorite, the meele attack, the shield and special attacks add a lot more complexity to the game and the different types of enemies are fun to fight against.
    The skill tree and different pieces of equipment feel good and add a good amount of customization to the game.

    I enjoyed the puzzle section a lot, i fooled around a bit to see if i can cut some time on some of these puzzles wich was fun. Jumping is realy powerful in this game. :)
    The game crashed however as i completed the puzzle challange. I didn’t try to reproduce it so i don’t know if it happens every time. (i played on google chrome)

    By far my favorite part was the exploration part, i’ve spend a good amount of time there.
    The skills and level ups and the equipment feel powerful and mawing through hords of enemies is satisfying. I didn’t find all chests however, i’m still missing 4 so i didn’t finish it yet.
    While i didn’t find all chests yet i did find some other stuff…

    The first thing i found was a transition error between two maps. On the map where the chest with the bronze googles is i tried to exit the map on above ground. There was no transition, i fell off the map and through my death. In addition, as i respawned it also resets the map and the chest, it also resets the item out of my inventory but not out of my equipment slot so i effectively got the bronce googles twice.
    The transition should work, the transition below ground is directly next to it. If a transition above ground was not intended then it’s not obvious and boundaries are missing.

    Speaking of boundaries, i tried to get out of bounds in some places and i did. On the mao where the captain stands before a building for example, at the river at the right side of the map you can simply jump out of the map. Where i tried this i fell off the map and to my death again, with one exeption. There is one map, the one where the bronce edge is located and a single female NPC with red hair and a generic greeting dialogue.
    At the left river you can jump out south of the map and there is still ground to walk on. It lets me walk around the map but it’s pretty much a dead end.
    I tried to exit the map from behind the transition trigger but it doesn’t work, probably because i’m on a different layer.
    Since it’s it’s the very lowest layer i also can’t jump back in bounds at any other place. Jumping back at the river also doesn’t work since it doesn’t let me jump when i’m out of bounds, i just fall in the river. I managed to walk under the edge of a cliff back in bounds but then again it doesn’t let me jump and i just fall in the water when i try to get back to land. The only way back was to drown and respawn at the beginning of the map.

    Some invisible walls should fix this. ;)

    I’m psyched, it’s such a good game. :)

    • Still 2 chests missing, one with the second key piece to the observatory and other probably from the observatory. :(

    • Just wanted to say thanks for the extensive feedback! :D We will have a look at all the bugs you mentioned.

      About the 2 missing chest: Yeah, we actually managed to count the wrong number here… We’ll soon update a version where this is fixed!

    • I just fixed all the boundary issues you got. Thanks a lot!

  • Wow. You’ve managed it. I’m addicted to a game the first time in my life. Although it’s only a demo, I’ve had more fun with it than many other games. I still noticed some problems gameplay-wise: First, what does Focus do? I might be just stupid, but are the stats explained anywhere? Also, why would someone use the “Guarding” thing and take reduced damage, if he could just dodge away and avoid the damage completely? I guess it might be useful for crowded situations, but only if all attacks are coming from one single direction. Obviously balancing is not going to be high on your priority list right now, but I just thought I’d throw my opinion in right now.

    Otherwise keep up your good work, CrossCode is awesome.

    • Oh, I see, it increases critical chance, read your Update #53 again. Still, some tooltips for the stats would be nice.

    • Actually one of the NPC at the beginning of the exploration area tell you what the stat does. But yeah, we probably need some explanation.

      You can’t always dodge attacks and we will add enemies which will make every effort to get on your way even when dodging. Also there’s going to be a nice feature for guarding which allows you to counter enemy attacks and sometimes leave them in a weak state. Dodging will be still important but we want to balance in some guarding here and there :)

      Thanks a lot!

      • Good to hear that!
        Also, one of the NPCs tells you that? Should have checked before writing about this (and not have skipped most of their text either).

  • First off all Nice work guys :D
    i love the explore mode.. but i still can fin 2 chest (one of them a key part) :( .

    And i rport some bugs = in Explore mode on the Map with “sonic” the cliff in bottom Right is Passable,so you can just walk out of map.

    Like in a Comment Above is said with the river out of bounce.. the Right River has the Area Line on the water which i geuss shouldnt be their.

  • Is it intended, that there isn’t any “confirmation message” when you want to override a savegame? It’s overwritten only when you click once on an existing savegame. So there’s a little risk that someone can overide a state accidentally.

  • I found the missing key piece, so with the chest from the observatory that makes all 34 chests… which i wouldn’t know since the game crashed on me as i completed the challange. >.<

    Anyway, dare i bring up more stuff? I know you must be super busy right now and the stuff i found are very minor low priority things that don't affect the game at all, mostly with graphics and stuff i don't know was intended or not.

    I just mention some.
    There is a frame in the slow throwing animation at about a 45° angle downwards where lea has a weird out of place orange pixel next to her foot. I have a screencap.

    Then there is some weird clipping when you jump against a waterfall.

    On the map i mentioned in my earlyer comment there is solid ground above water, i think someone else mentioned it already.

    And last but not least:
    You want to pay very close attention to edges that don't face the camera and cover the character, Fairfang mentioned a clip and it's the same kind of edge. I found some weird thing with this. You can walk along these edges even if you shouldn't be able to. You cannot jump from these edges when there is no solid ground next to it, you just fall immediately. When the edge faces water and you press a direction into the water you fall into it every other frame or so and pretty much die immediately. Apparently it let's you clip through solid ground as well which i'm pretty sure is what is happening, i could be wrong tho and it was intended, i couldn't reproduce that at another location yet.

    If this is any help i will test some more and try to give a better quality feedback.

    • It’s completely cool with us if people help us make the game better! This includes small things too :)

      I fixed the pixel you reported! We never saw it… No one :D

      The clipping is a bit of a problem but we’ll try to fix this too!

      Also fixed the solid ground on the water. There is a bit more of a problem with it. So you can still stand on certain edges where water should be.

      The last picture is intended. There is a underground way and it makes sense from a mapping standpoint but I can totally see that it’s a bit confusing. We tried to take this into account on the later maps. But we might add things like this again but make the “bridges” fade away :)

      Thanks again for all the feedback and the help! And if you like you can give us all the feedback you want. We’re pretty psyched about all this feedback so keep it coming!

      • I also found two more bugs while playing. The first one is when you die in the very first map in exploration after the intro where you get 2 lvl ups, you start again with the intro and get those lvl ups. But the CP does not reset so you can repeat this and get an infinite amount of CP.

        The second one is when you use one of the shield arts and hold RT and release LB, you can walk around in normal speed but the surroundings are in super slow-mo.

  • Sassafrass on December 4, 2014 at 2:47 am said:

    There is a problem I’m having with the part of demo where the captain trains you to dodge turret shots. I need to right click while holding left click in order to do so, but I’m playing on a IMac. Because of the mouse used for apple computers, i can’t press right and left click simultaneously, so I can’t progress in the demo.

    Also, I have a question. I’m planning on getting this game for the wiiu, and I know it works in the internet browser, but will I run into similar control issues due to the touch screen being used as a mouse cursor?

    Otherwise, the game is coming along great, and the story seems interesting, so keep up the good work. I can’t wait until it’s finished!

  • First of all, this is a hell of a demo and you all did a great job as always. Please keep focusing on details, because this is, what makes the game special.

    The story mode is interesting, I like all the characters and also hope there are more easter eggs to come. Story telling is good so far, at least from what I’m able to tell by the existing content. The nodding of Lea is unbelievably cute, just not from this world. I also was amazed by the “transparent wall feature”, quite a nice idea and well done.

    The puzzle dungeon was indeed very short, but as well very good. I’m pretty curious about how well you will combine the story with the puzzle elements. Like many others, I also got the “bloody hell” message right after finishing the puzzle dungeon.

    I didn’t got deep into the exploration mode yet, but it’s already pretty fun. Keep the enemy variety, this is just great so far! But there is a bug (at least I think, that this is unintentional) I didn’t found yet in all the comments. It seems the game safes the current state level and exp, when you switch maps. If you die in a fight, the game is reset to the this state. But the CP and skills are not reset. This allows to cheat in a way, where you enter a map with almost enough exp to level up. Fight a short battle, level up, skill with the earned points and go jump into the water to die (or any other way you deem to be worthy of a great warrior). Repeat until you have all the skills very early. As soon as I discovered this, I switched the map after a level up, because it takes away from the excitement to level up.

    I wish you great and quick progress with the game and fun during the development, like the game reflects you had plenty of so far.

    PS: As I look on the postcard on my wall you send me from some past NATO, I want to thank you for that. Wasn’t expecting it at all back in the years and it was very kind of you. I’d like to meet you again some day, you guys were very fun! Keep rockin’.

    • Dude, awesome to hear from you again! Glad you liked our game and all its little details! :D

      The bug is known. It was quite stupid on our side as this bug occurs because of “optimization” we thought would worked. It’s fixed now and we’ll release an updated version of the game this weekend :)

  • MagicalReing on December 5, 2014 at 3:52 am said:

    Simply the best, honestly one of the best RPG’s I’ve played in a long time.
    I cannot wait for the full release, hoping it ends up coming out sooner rather than later.

    This will definitely be worth paying for when it comes out.

  • This time I actually want to report a bug. If you talk to that blue-skinned guy in exploration mode (you know, the one with the crab challenge) and choose “cancel” you’ll be shown your enemy rush highscore list.

  • Loved the demo. Finished the story mode, and kinda the puzzle mode? Well, it crashed after I beat the last wave. But really this game is great even for a demo! I’m already used to random crashes anyways (I play way too much CK2).

    Now I can see that this is a demo. I mean I’m not expecting the text and dialogue to be perfect although the level of polish already visible is just incredible. A few oddly phrased sentences here and there but nothing that detracts from the game in its current state. (If I could I would probably rewrite half the conversations to make more sense to me in spoken ‘Murican English but eheheheh ^_^’)Really takes me back to the days when I played old SNES games like Chrono Trigger and the like. The visual style is a great tribute in itself!

    Control wise the set up for both keyboard/mouse and controller seems to be something that works for now. But I did feel my wrist start to feel sore after awhile when using an Xbox360 controller. Using the analog stick to point the target cursor when shooting ba… err I mean VRP’s is a bit loose compared to shooting with the mouse via point n’ click. It’s less precise with the analog stick. I kinda wish I could ‘Lock-In’ where the target cursor was pointing at so that when I’m moving the target cursor will remain in the same place instead of moving around a little bit since it’s harder to hold your finger still on an analog stick compared to not moving the mouse cursor. Also in my personal experience having the shoot and melee attacks be bound to the same button is a bit annoying sometimes when I move the analog without meaning to and my intended melee attack shoots a projectile instead. Still this is relatively minor at the moment. After all, I don’t think all the buttons on the controller have been utilized just yet ahahaha.

    I was a bit surprised that the skip cutscene button does not work (at least for me). Instead the game background animations seemed to speed up and the game does not move forwards at all. When I go back to the pause menu and resume the game however the game continues with the cutscene as if I hadn’t skipped at all. Not sure what is going on here (using the offline Windows version). Personally I think it would be cool if you could skip unimportant cutscenes by pressing a button combination instead of having to pause the game first (too many buttons to press, and it breaks immersion a bit! >.< )

    Also – The music is awesome! SO AWESOME! LIEK. FREAKEAN. AWESUUUUUUM!!! XD

    Long ranty post over! I hope you enjoyed my somewhat kinda mildly insightful & constructive feedback. XP

    I'm definitely going to be keeping up with this from now on! :)

    Best Wishes,

    ~ Saintrl

    • Hi there!
      Thanks for the extensive review. :D

      About the skip cutscene button: This is very strange. Skipping the cutscene should make everything run faster. How does the game perform on your machine in general? Smooth or rather low fps? Skipping with buttons is something we will consider :D

      Oh and about the language: Well, we’re mostly just a bunch of German guys, so of course we have no native English speakers. That’s why we’re actually VERY interested in feedback from native speakers about our writing. So if you find the time to give us details on how you’d change the dialogs, please write us a mail to We’d very much appreciate it!

      • Wow, a wild reply appeared! :D

        In all seriousness though, the game runs just fine on my machine. It’s just a college student’s 2 year old laptop that can barely run your typical fps games. I don’t get as much whining from my comp fan with CrossCode since this is obviously not a 3d-rendered high-intensity-physics-based-lets-shoot-all-the-things-game so I don’t think I’m straining the CPU to the point where weirdness ensues because of the CPU. So basically, the game runs smoothly is what I’m trying to say hahaha. XD

        Hmmm, I did see that y’all were a German team working on this. I am a bit hesitant to question all the dialogue though as I don’t know if you’re doing this with British English in mind. Still it would be totally awesome if I could see all the dialogue and in-game text! Because manually transcribing all the possible conversations in the game would take… several hours. And I don’t wanna go data mining, no sir! That would spoil too much for me! :D

        I will probably just send e-mails from now on for major things, my comments run like e-mails anyways. :P

        Best Wishes,

        ~ Saintrl

        • Just a quick note. We’re going for american when it comes to spelling mostly! And we actually plan on a editor for scripts. Might take some time tho…!

  • this is a really nice game been playing for a few hours, and i cant seem to stop playing at time.
    that all aside just to help you with a bad bug if you spend point in the beginning of the exploitation. then die to the first three enemy’s (skip the the scenes) you get two more..and you can keep this going to max your the skill tree.. read the other not positive that some one else got this.

  • Momosakuraba on December 6, 2014 at 2:55 am said:

    ok,so,i just finished the demo and complete it almost 100%,i can say that THIS is one of the best RPG i’ve played recently.

    for bug and glitch i can say,in downloded version,that if you continue a saved file and die you’ll return at lv 1 in exploration mode BUT if you change area this bug won’t happen, then it frooze me twice at the end of the mob-rush,there’s the only problem i encountered.

    keep going,you guys are awesome,and some major software house (cough cough,thief-enix) should learn from you how to make an RPG-action.

  • Some other things i found.
    In the intro level on the second map where you meet the first enemies there is a barrier missing below the transition to the next map, it let’s you jump out of the map again.

    When you save and quit in the intro level and go back in you spawn as Lea instead of Shizuka. Triggereing a cutscene switches you back to Shizuka.

    When you quit during the credits after the story mode and load a safe or restart a game mode the credits are still rolling.

    • Wow, no one ever noticed that I guess :D fixed the missing collision in that area!
      Same goes for the save bug in the intro sequences.

      The last one is new though. Need to look into this one!
      Thanks a lot!

  • Hello its me again. A few more bits of strangeness I’ve run into. They’re probably bugs/glitches.

    I’m using the Windows version and I’m playing using an Xbox360 controller.

    In Puzzle Mode I get a black screen after I kill all the rats in the last wave. I’m guessing whatever cutscene that’s supposed to show up isn’t loading for some reason. No loading symbol in the corner, just a black screen. Doing Alt+Tab and then returning makes the dungeon music play again but I still get a black screen.

    There is also an amusing problem with the title screen. When using the analog stick to select the mode the cursor jumps down from Story to Exploration and then goes up to Puzzle before going down to Load Game. Looks like someone mixed up some code. >_> XD

    • Hey,

      we fixed that soft lock after the puzzle area for good… hopefully… :D
      Same goes for the swapped order of buttons in the title menu :)

      Thanks for the report though!

      • Thanks for the reply! Me and my friends played this on one of the big HDTV’s in one of the dorm’s lounges. It was awesome! Like playing an old SNES game again! Good thing my controller has a really long cord hehe. ^_^

        We totally had people asking me what the heck we were playing and on what console. They wouldn’t believe me that this was on PC until I showed them my laptop hooked up to the TV on a displaced coffee table. (We totally did not move the coffee table, it moved itself! o_o’ )

        I think them pretty title screen, the yummy graphical polish, and the most excellent high quality music had most people thinking this was a very much a console game indeed. XD

        A few things UI wise.
        It was nice to have a map that I could refer to in Exploration mode. However I found it tedious to have to open up the Character Menu each time to do so. If the Map could be bound to a single button I would prefer that instead of having to open the menu, scroll down to Map, and then press more buttons to look at said map.
        On the MS Solar, in Story mode, the elevator controls would probably be more convenient if you could also cancel by pressing ‘B’ with the controller instead of having to scroll down to Cancel manually each time if you want to exit the elevator menu. Minor annoyances to be sure but as y’all say: “The Devil is in the Details!”

        One last tale of weirdness before ending my wild comment spree. In Exploration mode the UI tells me that I should press ‘Y’ on my Xbox controller to open the menu. Except… it doesn’t?! I later found out through trial-and-error the actual button to open the character menu was ‘Select’ for some reason. How strange! >:S

        Best Wishes,

        ~ Saintrl

        • Thanks! Happy to hear you liked the game so much :)

          Good to know people get this kinda console feeling when playing CrossCode. Most of us grew up with these kind of games so I guess it’s natural our game invokes the same feeling :D Also thanks for the feedback. Some of it is already yin the planing ;)

    • So, you play the download version? Does it run accebtably? Because for me, I get so extreme lag at times (especially with many enemies) that it is pretty impossible to play the game.
      My computer is not exactly new, but still I am surprised how Cross-Code kills it off.
      Until now, I do not have these issues when playing the browser version.

      • Ah, no wait, browser version lags as well for me, only that it doesn’t freeze like the download version, it slows down instead.

        But at least the old tech demo did not cause these problems.

      • There are some weird issues with the offline version. We’re not quite sure why this is only happening on come devices (I got it too on my Tablet PC). However, we’ll look into this!

  • I still haven’t played the whole demo, but I am well on the way. Somehow, I just die way too often in the exploration map. And I don’t understand what the elemental CP’s are good for…

    Anyways, where do you store the save data in the windows EXE version?

    My feedback will follow as soon as I have enough time for it. But for now, just know that I am pretty impressed!

    • The elemental CPs are most likely for the elemental skill trees… er, circuits. They’re not in the game yet, but you will notice that in the circuit menu besides the grey area there are also red, blue, green and purple areas representing heat, cold, shock and wave.

      • Oh, I always thought that the grey area is already part of the four elemental regions, but the boundaries are locked for the demo or something alike.

    • The grey area is the “Neutral” Tree. Those skills are active when not in any element mode. Even more, passive neutral skills are active in element modes too! Not as strong but activating a skill in neutral benefits the element modes too.
      The other colored areas are indeed the trees for the other elements!

      The saves are stored in the user folder inside the hidden folder AppData/Local/CrossCode. Is there a reason you want to know?

      Happy playing!

      • OK, thanks for clarifying!
        I just wanted to know where the save files are, because they were not in the same folder as the game. That’s all. ;-)

  • Amazing work. Love all of the current modes, especially exploration. There are just so many little things that make it sooooo much better. Even as “useless” as being able to walk on stones or clouds passing by and blocking some of the skylight.
    But I have few problems : I can’t find the one key piece. I found most of the other chests but I have no idea where second one is (i found the one that appears after hitting a switch).
    The other problem is that my talents sometimes don’t work and just nothing happens(i have them unlocked and i have SP)

  • So I’ve been playing this game (exploration) and I’ve expierienced a weir thing that forced me to start over. Very early in the beggining of the game I had a glitch that allowed me to have both circuit branches active and a “HACK” word on the split. I ignored it at first but later I realized that it blocked all specials from going off even after I fixed the double branch active thing. That kind of bugs me because I put like 1,5 h into this save :/. I’d love if there was a way to reset all of your circuit for credits.

    But otherwise a great game! I don’t remember when I last was so hyped about a RPG game. I saw it on Vsauce3 and at first I was like : “Oh great another jrpg game” but I decided to give this game a try. Oh boy I was so wrong with my first impresssion :) I can’t wait for that crowdfunding thing.
    PS: Do you plan on making forums or something like that in the near future?

    • The bug you encountered should be fixed now! It was related to a save/load bug. It it happens again after today’s release, tell us :)
      You can reset your skills for a price in the new release too!

      Great you found your way to our game via VSauce3! :) Yes we plan to create a forum and a community. We’re only missing a name… Maybe “The Crosslies” ?

  • Enderblaze14 on December 7, 2014 at 6:56 pm said:

    I’ve encountered a bug in the circuits menu. When hovering over certain abilities, the game freezes. Is this a new bug? Or is it something you guys know about?

    • Wow, that’s rare. Can you show us a video or maybe open the developer console in the browser (CTRL + SHIFT + (I, J or K)) and see if there is an red error message?

  • Bbaass_TMH on December 7, 2014 at 10:09 pm said:

    Great game! Been playing it for I don’t even know how long. (no, litirally, cause the timer shows a weird number, heh)

    Just one thing that has confused me for a while now, and I only just figured it out:
    I was never able to perform combat arts.
    I had no idea why, until now.
    I am pretty much always in heat mode because my damage goes up, and I found out that I was able to perform combat arts if I go out of elemental mode.

    Not sure if that’s intended, but if it is, it might an idea to have the guide at the start of the exploration area inform the player that combats arts can not be performed while in elemental mode.

  • WolfxShadow on December 7, 2014 at 10:16 pm said:

    This game is great. From what I have played, which hasn’t been much yet, they game is running amazingly. I haven’t ran into any bugs or glitches nor has my game crashed one while I was playing it.

    I do have one problem, however. I feel as thought I should know this but, my controller doesn’t seem to be working on the Executable. When I went to the web version to test it, it worked fine. Does anyone have a clue as to what the problem is? Thanks!

    • Oh well, sorry to hear that. It’s indeed strange that it works inside the browser but not for the offline version. Since the offline version is basically “Mini-Chrome”. I try to see if there’s a bug somewhere!

  • This is such a great game! I’m surprised at the amount of gameplay available for a demo. Makes me wonder what the full version has in store!

    I have one question though. I found 31/34 of the chests in exploration mode, and I can’t find the rest. I also can’t find the second key piece. Somewhere in the comments someone mentioned you have to complete a challenge to get the key piece but the only challenge I’ve found (the one with the blue skinned person) is impossible to do unless you find all the chests. Which seems paradoxical. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Yes there is a bug indeed. You actually only need 32 chests. The two last one are added to the stats screen as soon as you got them. In the version this will be fixed!

    Thanks for playing :)

  • Did you guys know you can push the purple NPC from the first map in the water, talk to her and then she comes back at her position? :O
    Also if you unlock a combat art, click the next circuit you can unlock but the one on the other combat ability branch it says switch 2 CP click and you buy that for free and it switches. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense is there a place I can report bugs other than here?

    • Yepp, it has been fixed :D Same goes for the second. I noticed that one right after the first release. It’s no fixed so no free stuff anymore! ;)

  • How do you actually updated Cross-Code? The new bug fix update came out yesterday, but I don’t know how to update cross-code to that version. I tried downloading it a second time, but it’s still the same as before. Did it not actually update? Or am I doing something wrong?

    • Hi there!

      I think there must have been a misunderstanding. While we fixed bugs, we didn’t update anything yet. We planned to update yesterday, but unfortunately we had to postpone it to today, since we had some short term technical issues. The updates version will be released tonight (in a couple of hours) – there will be new blog post when we’re done.
      Then, you only need to download the new version and it should list your old save states – which will hopefully work.

  • I encountered this one bug in Puzzle mode, in the last Puzzle with the “pressure plates”, I got stuck in one of the ascending platforms while it was going up. I think was gripping to the moving block. Here’s a short video in pure shit quality:

  • This game looks and plays great. Can’t wait to see more

  • I just discovered a bug where if you fall in the water it wont respawn you on the gorund making you die nearly instantly.Heres the picture where it is.

  • When i started the game on the japanese garden style (Thanks to : Janina ‘Solacy’ Preidel {perfect design}) and i made my first steps, i felt like my fingers was matching PERFECTLY with the movements, the ‘retro style 2D’ caught my heart. those are the games that i wanted to play since my gamer career but i din’t had the chance to try one of those games yet beaceause theres no games like this one. this may be the demo but there is my review:


    -Audio 9/10 (Florian and Anthony you guys are the BEST <3)
    The audio matches perfectly with the arena, nature and emotions of lea. the soundtrack is greeeeat! it reminds me of songs wich played on WOLFENSTEIN but more easy on the wrong notes, i felt like the music was guiding me trought the demo as i played (I am telling the truth)

    -Gameplay 10/10
    You got to be kidding me! this games has the BEST GODAMN gameplay i've seen with my living eyes. Its been so much long i've waited for this one STYLE of game this game has a very similar gameplay to RealmOfTheMadGod, but this one is WAY MORE improved, this is the gameplay i like and i hope there is more games like that

    -Story 8/10
    You've got lea, a player who lost her memory, wich she needs to regain (im not even sure if Lea real person is a boy or a girl {dosen't matter}) well the story has deep meanings and very dark secrets, im sure of it but so far, this demo has shown me that its a video game, wich its very similar to SwordArtOnline plot, I like it! the only difference is it plays on a futuristic world.
    i very like the story for now, keep it like that guys!

    OVERALL 9/10
    yep, its confirmed best game of the year PC 9/10

    Just to say, im a big fan of this game im playing exploration its been 5 hours so far i loooove it
    i am definitly buying this game when it comes out

    Thanks for reading! hope you reply <3 Thanks Felix you have your biggest fan right here
    i also shared this game to all of my friends and they seem to really like it! they say it would be cool to have a Online mode ;P

    please reply. thanks!

    My special thanks -Jerome

    • Wow!
      Thanks a lot for the extensive review. :D
      Really glad to hear that you like our game that much.

      The complete story will have a number of interesting twists, so I hope we’ll be able to push that score a bit~ >:3

      And yeah, an online mode would be really awesome but also sooooo hard to implement, let me tell you. xD We can’t really make any promises about that one.

      • Yeah, i do know hosting servers requires lots of $$$$$ and stuff its hard to deal with…(single player is still cool <3). I've had fun writing this review beaceause it makes me happy to write to my favorite devs (it makes me feel more happy to actaully know they read it and reply <3). im going to improve the review once the game is out,

        By the way, can you give me a approximative release year? like I mean… in 3 years? or mabye 2, thanks! you dont have to awnser, i was just wondering!

  • LuigiLover22 on August 16, 2015 at 2:49 pm said:

    I got a crash at the first screen of bergen trail. Here is my Crash Report map: [bergen-trail.path-1-entrance], version: [v0.2.2-2 BETA], platform: [Desktop], OS: [Windows], browser: [Chrome], browserVersion: [30], webAudioSupport: [true], webAudioOption: [true]
    Message: [Cannot call method ‘Kf’ of null]
    TypeError: Cannot call method ‘Kf’ of null
    at (file:///C:/Users/Leo/AppData/Local/Temp/nw6532_26295/js/game.compiled.js:821:207)
    at (file:///C:/Users/Leo/AppData/Local/Temp/nw6532_26295/js/game.compiled.js:823:290)
    at (file:///C:/Users/Leo/AppData/Local/Temp/nw6532_26295/js/game.compiled.js:594:15)
    at (file:///C:/Users/Leo/AppData/Local/Temp/nw6532_26295/js/game.compiled.js:591:331)
    at c.ig.G9.ig.W.extend.Nm (file:///C:/Users/Leo/AppData/Local/Temp/nw6532_26295/js/game.compiled.js:312:150)
    at c.ig.G9.ig.W.extend.ja (file:///C:/Users/Leo/AppData/Local/Temp/nw6532_26295/js/game.compiled.js:309:476)
    at a (file:///C:/Users/Leo/AppData/Local/Temp/nw6532_26295/js/game.compiled.js:122:192)
    at c.ig.Cta.ig.W.extend.ja (file:///C:/Users/Leo/AppData/Local/Temp/nw6532_26295/js/game.compiled.js:128:302)

  • Can anyone help me! I wanna come to Autumn Residence but it still the red barrel to block me! I read that First Scholar Pass” are indeed to access, but i can’t find it anywhere. Helppp

    • Hi there!
      You will be able to access this part later on, you just need to proceed with the plot. First you need to arrive at Bergen and visit the Major in the large building in the northern part of the town. After that some stuff will happen.

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