Weekly Update #8 Restarting Engines!

Well hello there!

So finally the smoke cleared and now we have more time which means more content in the Weeklies is about to come. The upcoming weeks will hold some interesting feature updates and more technical posts. You can start reading our first technical post about the architecture of CrossCode right here:

Architecture of CrossCode #1 – Overview

Upcoming Work

Integrating saving/loading into the game is still in work! We are not sure if it will make it into the TechDemo++ (which won’t be much longer than the current TechDemo anyway), but it’ll be ready for the next, longer release.
We also started working on a more flexible font system that allows us to display keyboard/mouse or gamepad input-graphics at all time (Even if you’re reading a text with some symbols in it, these symbols will change based on your current input device.).

That’s all for this week!

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