Improved portraits, new artwork and SxSW invasion!

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And another update on this blog, though this time directly plagiarized of the one Intero wrote for today’s Indiegogo update. You might call it lazy, I call it efficient.

We have been receiving quite a lot of constructive feedback regarding our demo and we really appreciate it! A lot of people have remarked that our portrait graphics look rather unpolished and that’s why T-Free has been looking into improving those:

That is just a taste of how much better the game will look if we manage to reach the funding goal. I’m personally very surprised how much better and more detailed the portraits look! JUST LOOK AT EGYPTIAN MR. FREEZE!!

Looking beyond improvements (and name similarities), Frece has been very busy designing new enemies for the heat area in CrossCode:

We’re really lucky to have such amazing artists on our team!

On another topic, Lachsen and Teflo finally invaded SXSW in Texas, equipped with a playable demo, beautiful-looking flyers and lots of charged balls to throw at random people on sight. A heartfelt shoutout to Starr Mazer, who are apparently their neighbors (and condolences for being the first victims of the ball-throwing).


Our campaign has been picking up a lot of steam again, thanks to the coverage we are getting lately. The last two days were no different.

There was a great article on Destructoid, that emphasized one of CrossCode’s biggest strengths: Balls.

Foka, another German Let’s Player, has made a video about the Puzzle-mode in German. This was especially nice of him, because he normally doesn’t show unfinished games, so special thanks to you, sir!

Another special mention goes out to a Damn7O, a loyal fan of CrossCode who already made quite a few videos about it and is still going. His “Blue Hedgehog” skit was especially enjoyable to us!


(Skit – Blue Hedgehog)

John Smith (aka Slide20xl) really enjoyed the music from CrossCode and spent some time making an amazing track inspired by the Autumn’s Rise theme! Check it out!!

I think that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this update as much as we did and it’s always great to see people spread the word about our game!

See you next time!


  • Boobs. The bigger the better. Yep. Than might work all right.

    As for all these letsplayers, are you sure they do make positive impact on people? When I played the demo myself, I really liked the game. But when I saw some **** play it with all his stupid comments that simply translates to “it’s awesome go throw money at it”, I had a strong urge to hit that *** with a stick very hard. And you guys, more than anyone, should know, that people have to play your game themselves to feel it’s unique controls and mechanics. You can’t feel it on some **** video.

    And the most important thing – the story. You should develop it and use it in further PR (or whatever it is you’re doing). Make some tiny spoilers. Explain a bit about whatever happened in the beginning of the story. Add enemies, allies, bosses. Just one sprite would be enough.

    Puzzles and goalless exploration won’t have the impact you need, especially when there’s a ton of **** who already shown every little thing you put in your demo.

    Don’t just put all you have without any plans and promises to fulfill. Crowdfunding doesn’t work that way.

    • GFluegel on March 14, 2015 at 5:24 pm said:

      Well, yes. We mostly need exposure and LetsPlayers are some of the best sources for that nowadays. Their positive reaction to the game also helps. We can actually see their influence in our statistics.

      The story is already developed but we don’t think that dropping plotrelated spoilers is the way to go, especially because text is the last thing most people pay attention to. Screenshots and concept art of future content however will be a possibility.

      Thanks for your input! We appreciate your concern for the success of the campaign.

  • The enemy designs for the new area are looking amazing. And the improved portraits… Ähh yeah, much detailed boobs ftw! Just kidding, it looks better than before ^^

  • Glad I always have a look at all the Devlogs!:) Thanks for mentioning me, honored to know that you proved my videos worthy! :)

  • Would not be a good idea for CrossCode? I think it would fit really good, an the projects on this platform become funded very fast generally. This game is a good example:

    Does SquareEnix support german indies, too?

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