Results of the Boss Contest


Less then two weeks ago we released CrossCode version 0.4 and had a small competition about who defeats the boss of the new Temple Mine Dungeon first. And here are the results!

First we want to say thanks to everyone who sent us videos! Those videos are not only great to show CrossCode to others, they are also a valuable source of feedback for us!
In total we received 26 videos in which people are challenging and defeating the boss of the new Temple Mine dungeon.

And here are all entries in inverse chronological order
(days via Central European Timezone)


By elorfinthendt (with commentary)
By StefSpült (with fancy music)


By Entónio
By MisterMathio
By Wolf and Friends Gaming (with commentary)


By OneTrue Mitch (with commentary)
By Lotus Prince (with commentary)
By chessdragon
By Mathwe Decypher
By sparksterx (with German commentary)


By Technomagus (part of a long LP with commentary)
By Robert Dude57
By Jaret Dill


By Blue Streak Studio (with commentary)
By Atl essa (with VIOLET LEA)
By ChampCakeStorm

And finally, the first ten entries that will participate in the raffle for the great prize!

Top Ten

  1. by A_Dude666 (a live video featuring a CAT!)
  2. by Voltrey
  3. by FuxxvonFrost
  4. by rustyman22 (with fancy music)
  5. by Mikhail Kutzow (with commentary)
  6. by Eduard Bachmakov
  7. by _MicroBot
  8. by Novensiles
  9. by MixelzPixels
  10. by Sonnen Krieger ( just 4 hours after the release – AMAZING!)

And now to draw the winner among the first ten entries …

We have drawn the number from


And thus, the winner is:

Place 9: VOLTREY!

Congratulations! You win a NPC guest role in Bergen village! We’ll soon write you an email to discuss all the details!

And finally: Thanks to everybody for participating in our small contest!


  • Oh dang, I tweeted you my video, instead of emailing it. *facepalm*

  • The Contest was very funny and i had a lot of fun.
    Hope in the future we get some more Contest or challenges ^^


  • #2? Damn, I thought for sure I was at least 6th or something.

    In anycase GG to all!

  • rustyman22 on December 15, 2015 at 7:41 am said:

    It was very good contest and i never thought, that i be placed in Top Ten neither at #7 place. I decided to contribute to the contest, but with knowing, that huge amount of time passed from release, so i don’t count of being in that list. I am really surprised. :) Anyway thanks for opportunity to join the contest and congratulations to the winner!

  • OneTrueMitch on December 23, 2015 at 7:41 pm said:

    Aww darn, I didn’t win… But I’m happy for Voltrey!

    It was fun to submit for the contest, and I can’t wait to talk to Voltrey’s NPC!

  • Justin Blake on February 18, 2016 at 7:52 am said:

    Sorry I missed this! Fun idea. This isn’t an actual MMORPG of course, but we can enjoy that community aspect through events like this.

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