CrossCode: Hi-lights of the Week


The last steps before Version 0.6!


Stefan tented a lot of the new area (and the old ones too, so expect some change, whuuuuuu). This tree was done by Martina. Look at it. It’s gud.


He also finished up the detail work for the new village Ba’kii Kum. Only thing missing now are proper NPCs and interiors!



Felix on the other hand worked on the new dungeon. These are just a small glimpse at the craziness he will unleash on you.


Of course a dungeon and area also need new enemies. Felix did all to them. Sleeping is for the dead anyway, right?

Finally without any screens, Intero worked up 4 new music sketches (yes, 4 new an amazing pieces of music!), T-Free created tons of new NPC graphics you will encounter in the new version (You want screens? We’re not spoiling you!) and Martina is close to finishing up the interior set for the new village.

Everything points torwards 0.6. get hyped folks and:



  • Lea moonwalking…. It’s glorious! That should be the new idle animation

  • That dungeon mechanics look amazing. I am really looking forward to playing it.

    Do you consider to provide a ‘puzzle mode’ in the final game, like in the first demo?
    I really enjoyed that one, pure gameplay without any breaks. Though, I don’t know how much work it means to assemble new puzzle rooms, even with the actual mechanics already working.

  • what does the boss look like

  • joseph ricktor on April 25, 2016 at 4:14 pm said:

    future bosses should try and do a desperation attack like in rondo of blood where after a boss was defeated it would try and kill you one last time (sometimes it would work)

  • The art (especialy the cherrytree) is amazing :o .

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