CrossCode DevLog: Next Milestone + Live Stream

Hello everyone! It has been some time. Sadly, we didn’t get around to post those “Weekly Hi-Lights” every week recently, but that doesn’t mean that nothing happened. To the contrary!
Scroll on for recent progress + more announcements.

Release of Next Milestone

About a month ago we released CrossCode version 0.6 with a focus on content. Our next milestone 0.7 will, as promised, finally extend the story! Also you can expect a couple new features. Here are some screenshots and gifs:

A couple new places and houses to visit!

Seeing new faces.

Mandatory Exposition in Bergen.

New stuff at the end of the Temple Mine.

…More scenes!

The new Trader List Menu for an overview of all traders

Interiors for Ba’kii Kum!

We plan to release Version 0.7 on June 18!
Yes, it’s fixed now! …Let’s hope it works out!

Live Streams

There is a certain kind of regular CrossCode event that has been going on for quite some time now and we just thought it would be good to shared it once again:

CrossCode Gamedev Live Streams

In those devstreams we work on CrossCode, show recent development, answer your questions and in general just chat around. Also there is often some nonsense drawing at the end.

The time is usually Sundays 20:00 CEST / 11 am PDT, but sometimes streams are canceled.
That’s why from now on we will schedule each CrossCode Live stream as an event in Steam’s community hub. Finally.

… And yes, the next gamedev stream is already TODAY.

And that’s it! We hope you look forward to the next milestone and maybe join us for today’s gamedev stream.


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