CrossCode: 5th CrossWeek Completed!

The 5th CrossWeek just happened and after 6 days of intensive full-time CrossCode development we’re now back with a lot of new stuff to show!

More enemies

We did a lot of planning for upcoming enemies and created plenty of concept art:



Additionally, sprite sheets for several new enemies have been completed and are just waiting to be implemented!

More Quests

Quests have been pretty big this CrossWeek! A total of 4 new quests have been implemented for Bergen and Ba’kii Kum, featuring several new enemies and other challenges!

Here some impressions of things you might fight:




New Lea Combat Poses

We recently pushed Combat Arts pretty hard and essentially implemented all level 1 and level 2 Combat Arts available.
This CrossWeek, we took a bit of time to polish those attacks with a few additional poses for Lea:


NPC Portraits

The current grayish NPC portraits don’t quite match the quality of the colored counterpart. We can’t really afford to give each and every NPC a full-colored portrait, but we at least decided to polish the grayish NPC portraits to be a better match quality wise:


More Sounds

A lot of sounds have been added to things that have been surprisingly quite up to this point. Now you have groaning Behesloths and meowing Shokats that will make you feel real bad for beating them up.

Also, you now find a lot of random melodies in Basin Keep:

The Final Boss of the Jungle

Yepp, we’ve been working on the boss, and nope we won’t show anything of it. Let’s just say it will be… something else. Seriously, we might have overdone it a bit this time, which is also why this fight is still not done yet!

Behind the scenes

Who cares for the actual game content, right?
We know exactly what you want to see:
A bunch of dudes doing gamedev and trying to cook.

task-distributionFair task distribution

at-workHard at work! In the kitchen.

IMG_2103GFluegel creating the next quest you’ll all love.

IMG_2111A random Intero dropping by!

IMG_2104Preparing Bacon…

IMG_2106…for our Veggie burgers.

IMG_2112Also for our rice balls / Onigiri. Yes.

IMG_2110-finalThe team enjoying some burgers, probably with less bacon but still very tasty!

And that’s all for CrossWeek! It was fun, it was productive and we’ll probably do it again, sometime later this year!

Now on to wrap things up for the 0.9 release which is still scheduled for later this month.

Until then!


  • I really like the small details in this game. Wonderful work like always! I can’t wait for the full release!

  • That’s the dream when you decide to go into programming/game development!

    Keep up the good work!

  • I’d like to finally see an update with more fabule. It’s not like that I’m angry or anything just. You guys do good work. I just can’t wait for next mayor update becasue I don’t play crosscode until there’s more fabule so I won’t spoiler myself. It’s best if you play going through the story (as for me). Again good work :D.

  • Wow! This awesome!!!

  • Celso Ribeiro on February 12, 2017 at 2:45 pm said:

    Hey guys, I love the final designs of the snail and of the beetle samurai (by the way, I have now officially seen everything kkkkk). Where cann we see more of your concept arts?

  • Will all 4 elements be gained in the course of the story?

    • Yes! It’s already possible to collect all 4 elements in the current version of the game. All of this will be integrated in the plot once the game is finished.

  • “Now you have … meowing Shokats that will make you feel real bad for beating them up.”

    Nope. Nothing could make me feel bad for killing those annoying furballs.

  • You have created gold with this game. You all have created an absolutely wonderful game. Your dungeons are challenging, and require full attention and precision. The combat is engaging, fun, and makes me feel generally badass. Thank you, and I admire your willingness to delay a project for the sake of quality.

    You have probably already answered these, but I have been unable to find them, mostly due to time constraints.

    Will presets remain in the final version?

    Will my save files be significantly altered in the next story release (lvl wise)? Mostly just wondering.

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