CrossCode: Hi-Lights + April To Do List Update + Events + Hotfix


Hello everyball!

Here we are again, back with fully written text!

Since April is now pretty much over, it’s time for another update of our Final To Do list. We also have a few new things to show + a couple events in May we will attend!

Final To Do List Update

Click here to see the updated To Do List.

It may not look like it, but overall April was fairly productive. That’s because we completed several tasks that are not directly shown by the numbers including:

  • Implementing the last puzzle mechanics of version 1.0
  • Completing tileset graphics for Rhombus Square
  • Planning the layout of remaining content in more detail
  • Writing dialogues of remaining scenes

Anyway here’s hope that content production will accelerate in the next few month, since most of these “preparation tasks” have been completed now.

Here are a few impressions of recently developed content:

Finally you can enter the city of Rhombus Square!

A few impressions of the still empty shopping district.

There will actually be traffic on those streets! And yes there will be more car variations.

Meanwhile in Sapphire Ridge: New combat challenges emerge!

And even though we didn’t manage to finish any quest this month, we’re still working on it and more quests for Gaia’s Garden will follow soon!

As for a release date: Sorry, but we’re still not ready. Our goal is to first roughly finish all major gameplay and story content before we fix a release date, so we can be certain that we don’t have to delay again and can focus on testing and polishing the content. However, we’re getting very close to that point and still aim for a release in Summer 2018!

Upcoming events

Since the release of CrossCode 1.0 is drawing near, we decided it would be worthwhile to present the game once again on certain events. And we ended up deciding to visit the same two events in May that we already visited last year:

We’ll be attending BitSummit in May 12-13 in Kyoto, Japan!

And just on the next weekend…

We’ll also attend Dokomi in May 19-20 in Düsseldorf, Germany!

If you happen to be around, feel free to drop by and say hello! We may have a bit of CrossCode merch with us in fact!

A little hotfix

And just as a side note: With this update we also release another small Hotfix (Version 0.9.8-7), which doesn’t add any new content, but actually just fixes one issue that we didn’t want to keep in the game until 1.0 which is that the Goat Father has been kicking instakill nukes.

And that’s all! Until the next update!


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