CrossCode: Introducing a New Skin!

Hello everyball!

CrossCode is finally complete! Or is it?

As some of you might remember, we introduced you to a certain someone, exactly 6 years ago.

Now guess who’s back?

Manlea is here!

Playing as Lea is great and all, but some of you might miss an option for a protagonist who simply is… manlier.

That’s why we proudly present to you, once again:

Only this time Manlea is real

You can play CrossCode, being Manlea.

You can beat up enemies, being Manlea.

You can talk to other characters, being Manlea*.

*Keep in mind that Manlea is still Lea, but manlier. She’s still referred to as Lea and with she/her pronouns (a.k.a. we didn’t adapt any dialogs).

Manlea is now available as a Skin DLC on both Steam and GOG!

Get Manlea on Steam
Get Manlea on GOG

This is no April’s Fools joke.
This is real.

Today just happens to be Manlea’s 6 years anniversary.

With all that being said:

Have fun being Manlea in CrossCode!

Also: if you now, for some reason, feel like screaming at us, we’ll be available in another gamedev stream this Saturday 20:00 CEST / 11am PDT on our Twitch Channel


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