CrossCode DLC Console Release Date

It’s in the image!

The CrossCode “A New Home” DLC will release for PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch on August 5th – in about a week!

And with this, our final addition to CrossCode will finally hit consoles!

Sorry it took so long. You know how it is with certification on consoles:
It takes time.

Also one last thing:

In case you’re interested in CrossCode merch and wondered what happened with those T-Shirt Designs we posted like… years ago?
Maybe something will finally come out of it, after all. Stay tuned!

About our next game

Yes, we’re still working on that Project Terra prototype for our next game!

Here is a tweet from some time ago that gives you a first impression of what moving around will look like:

Note: That character and the animations are still very much WIP.

We already made more progress since then and will likely post more stuff soon!

… And that’s all!

Until next time!


  • Wooooow, that’s good to know! I’m very excited to check the DLC. CrossCode is one of the best games I’ve ever played and surely I want more of it :D

  • Charles Mook on August 1, 2021 at 11:14 pm said:

    This game is an awesome fit on the switch and one of my favorite titles. But I have so many questions about influences! Please…. I saw nods to final fantasy in it, and I thought I saw a shout out to the Leeroy Jenkins meme. But most of all I love the nod this seems to give to mmo anime.

    Oh right. Questions.

    What was it the biggest inspirations for the character of Lea, the way you have the world, and of course a few of the easter eggs?

  • Super, endlich kann ich den dlc auch spielen. Crosscode ist eines meiner Lieblingsspiele geworden, obwohl ich anfangs skeptisch war. Die Rätsel sind meiner Meinung nach relativ einfach, ist aber auch subjektiv gesehen. Ich erwarte das nächste Projekt mit voller Aufmerksamkeit. Daumen hoch an euch! :)

  • Florian Maslok on August 12, 2021 at 10:32 pm said:

    Dear Developer,

    Thank you very much for releasing the DLC for consoles. I already played some hours and I recognize a Crash in the global Hub Center.

    Every time I want to look for all the quests, ist seems to be buggy. At the list of the Quests, it shows me a completion rate of 100%, although i found 2 News Quest and didn’t finished it. If I want to Change the category to done Quest or ongoing the Game crashes every time.

    I play on the Switch. I Hope this helps you.

    Thank you.

    Best regards


  • Why not sell a New Home dlc in korea?

  • I want buy a New Home DLC
    Why not sell in korea?

  • what about the next update of crosscode dlc, the ending of a new home says there will be more additional content, can’t wait for it

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