Weekly Update #25 – Getting closer to the milestone

What better way to spend the hot summer days than sitting home doing some game programming? :D


As some of you might remember, we had a weekly update right after the release of the TechDemo++ about things we want to achieve in the next 3 month. We decided to slightly postpone this milestone to the 25th of July, which is… very soon.

Thus, we currently focus on reaching this milestone on time. The last missing point is this one:

  • Overhaul the beginning of the game to make it feel like a proper Action-RPG (with characters and dialogs)

And that’s what we have mostly been working on during this week. More precisely we did the following:

  • More facial expressions
  • More dialogs
  • Improving NPCs + integration into actual game
  • Continued work on load/save system

Oh yeah, we also plan to have saving and loading for this milestone. Because, why not?

That’s all for this week! Please note: since most of our team members are on vacation next weekend, we probably will skip the next Weekly Update. However, in two weeks we’ll have a larger update where we’ll present our next milestone.


  • You talked about integration of NPCs in the actual game.
    Does that mean there is already something like an “actual game”?
    I thought of you as upgrading the TechDemo, and integrating NPCs would mean putting them randomly somewhere in the environment for testing if they work (i.e. speak).
    But now it sounds like you already have started to do the acutal game, including plot and so on.

    • We’re now working towards the “acutal game”.
      We do not simply want to upgrade the TechDemo, but make it feel like an actual game. NPC is just the term we use for characters you don’t play. This includes story relevant characters too.
      We are far past testing NPC from a technical view point.
      So yeah, we are working on integrating the first pieces of the plot, while still working on the technical aspects (It’s all part of our internal milestone).

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