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DevLog #69: “Last Minute Heroes”-Raffle, Gamescom 2015 and next Milestone 0.3.0

Get Early Access for CrossCode on Steam Welcome everyone to our newest DevLog, as usual later than expected. Yeah, sorry for that! This time we will finally announce the “Last Minute Heroes”-Raffle (which is also long overdue at this point), our attendance at this years Gamescom in Cologne and our next Milestone!

About E3 2015 and IndiesCrashE3

Just a quick post to clarify something a lot of people might be wondering about. With E3 2015 just around the corner a lot of people might be wondering whatever happened to IndiesCrashE3 and their IndieClicker minigame. Back then we were able to secure a place among the Top5 and would therefore be able to […]

DevLog #65 – Role Play Convention (RPC) in Cologne, Rookie Harbor and Animated Map Tiles

Hello everyone! It’s about time for another DevLog. Now that the Indiegogo campaign is over, we will  go for a weekly update schedule – and sometimes biweekly if too much stuff is going on. That’s the case right now. Sorry for the wait!

State & future of our Indiegogo campaign, SxSW résumé and something fancy

Support CrossCode on Indiegogo! Good evening once again. I hope that you are up for a huge update, because this one will consist of two of the latest Indiegogo-updates at once! We will brief you about how we’ll handle the rest of our Indiegogo campaign, our experiences at SxSW and show a fancy promotional sprite and […]

Improved portraits, new artwork and SxSW invasion!

Support CrossCode on Indiegogo! And another update on this blog, though this time directly plagiarized of the one Intero wrote for today’s Indiegogo update. You might call it lazy, I call it efficient.