Official Indiegogo extension, results of the Fanart Contest and VoxMakers stream

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We begin with an important announcement:

It’s official! Our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has been extended for another 30 days. Now it’ll end on the 26th of April! Let’s keep it up with the great support and make it count!

We also got the long-awaited results of the first CrossCode Fanart Contest, including all the works we got, and a shoutout towards the amazing French VoxMakers livestream!

CrossCode Fanart Contest Results

The CrossCode Fanart Contest Results are out! We received 20 fanarts and also 1 fanfiction and are thankful for every single one of either. But as you know we promised to choose 3 winners that will receive one of the prices. So let’s start the countdown towards our favorite among favorites (click on the pictures for higher quality):

3rd place:

Elin Meinecke

Much Pretty. So sparkle. Such shiny. Wow. A very beautiful picture of our playable heroines! Also a great close-up-design for the VRP/Balls!

2nd place:

Cleo Naturin

Cleo’s artworks of Lea features an awesome western drawing style and got a very clean coloring with a lot of attention to details! Her winning artwork is the second one, but the other one also features some nice sketches and a colored piece that gives me some great Avatar Korra vibes.


1st place:


This fanart is just incredible and received perfect scores from the entire team. It portraits both Lea and Shizuka in a beautiful composition, with great coloring and also shows some neat alternative clothing choices for them. 10/10, loving it, framing it.



And here are a couple more submissions that we really liked but didn’t quite make it into the top 3:


by pinkBanana

Lea would be all like “How about I slap your shit?!”, but will probably resort to “Hi!”

by Bian katz

More shiny prettiness! Anyone else thinking “Bishoujo Senshi Lea”?


by G-Brothers

Great pose and very close to the original style!

by Wingrider92

Skydiving Lea! Let’s hope she has a proper plan for the landing~.


Remaining Submissions:

Of course we got many more great submission that we want to show you as well (in alphabetical order):


Hand Drawn Lea and Shizuka by Angel Miner

Pixelated Lea by Carlos Artt

Miniature sprites of Lachsen and Lea’s… hairby Celio Hogane

Pencil Drawing of Lea and Cargo Crab by Chang York

Ocean scene with Lea by “robin johnny”

Dark Lipstick Shizuka by “Miguel Ángel Pérez López”

“The Avengers” featuring Lea and Sandwich by Naroz Matthew

Sergey playing CrossCode by NasiDe GlaDreem

Meditating Lea by Phantom Gangrene

Lea chilling with Hedgehog and Meerkat by Tanja

A very dramatic Lea by Tiger D. Rena


Congratulations to the winning artists and many thanks to everyone who participated, we are really blown away by the feedback! We’ll get in contact with the winners after our campaign is over, to talk about the prices!

And of course everyone is free to contact us about future fanarts that you made or want to make! Some of our future updates might give you just the right inspiration for those…


VoxMakers Stream

Today was the French stream of VoxMakers that we announced yesterday. We enjoyed it a lot, despite our inability to understand what they said most of the time. This was partly because of their passionate voice acting and the hilarious artworks that were created on-the-fly!

Here’s the entire stream for you to enjoy:

We liked the art of the stream so much, that we turned them into a gif.

You can find the originals in higher quality on their Facebook!

Great thanks to their entire team, we really love their overall concept.
Now we really have to consider that French localization~.

Annnnd that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and got your burning desire for CrossCode fanart satisfied for today. I’m sure that the future will bring forth even more of them!

Till next time!

One Comment

  • Just thought I’d put this here:

    My CrossCode fanfiction. I’ve also put in a few images from official artwork and I plan to use some of these fanart images throughout the story.

    Before I continue with the fanfiction, I’d like to know the official stance of Radical Fish Games regarding use of the fanart and official artwork for something like this.
    -Is it permitted?
    -Any restrictions on how it can be used?

    I would love to be able to continue the fanfiction, but I’d like feedback on the first chapter to see if it is something people like or not.

    I also have a song (with lyrics) that I wrote for CrossWorlds. It is neutral enough that it isn’t ‘game specific’ but you will recognize a few things that Lea does :)
    I have no singing talent so if someone who has singing talent wants to poke me, leave me a comment on the wordpress blog.

    Thank you again for such an awesome gameworld!

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