More Manlea, Xeno Dialogues, Trading System and a new target for the Lea Army!

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Welcome again, to this less awesome than the last but still exciting update!

Today we got more news concerning our newest star Manlea and we will also tell you about two new features that you can expect in the next official release: Xeno Dialogues and the Trading System!

Lastly, to unlock some more of our Indiegogo campaign’s potential, we’ll launch another offensive with the Lea army aka our fans aka you! Read till the end of this post to see who our next target is!

More Manlea

…or maybe not.

Happy Aprils Fools Day, everyone!

Yes, the whole male protagonist thing wasn’t to be taken quite this seriously~

That means no Manlea in CrossCode…


Then again… we kinda like Manlea’s character design and it would be loss to simply trash it. So it’s likely that you’ll be able to find this character (or at least a similar one) somewhere in CrossCode. :D

Xeno Dialogues

Today we’d like to show you two new systems we already thought about a lot. Some of you might’ve even expected this as we teased it on some streams or tweets. So, here we go!

First of all we want to talk about a new type of dialogue system we are calling Xeno Dialogue. Up until now you always have to get in front of an NPC if you want to talk to them. Classical RPG stuff, right? But we feel like we should change something about it. The new system lets NPCs talk with one another and you can chime in whenever there’s an interesting topic. Very much like the side messages you already know, these new dialogues will play automatically, but only when you’re in close proximity to one or more NPCs. This idea is based on the same dialogue system Xenosaga 3 uses, hence the name!

So how does it look like? Here are some mock-ups:


You’re close enough to hear them, so they start talking!


Sometimes a special word appears and if you’re close to the NPCs, you can chime in the conversation! Feels much more natural, doesn’t it?

Trading System

Next up we have the trading system! It does exactly what it says, really. By trading items you can get other rare items or even exclusive equipment. Basically it’s CrossCode’s version of a smithery or armory. With this, we also add item drops from enemies into the mix! You can actually check out our latest dev stream to see Felix implementing the item drops. With this we’ll add new trade items you can farm from enemies which are then used for trading!

Again, here’s how it looks:


You see someone offering a trade similar to the way NPCs are talking with the new dialogue system.


Once we talk to the trader, a new menu pops up where you can see what items the trader wants for his items. If it’s an equipment piece, you can even see the stat changes! Awesome!

As said, those are mock-ups and the menus might change in position, form and size.

So tell us what you think about the new systems! We’re already having fun grinding those materials from enemies to get that core drill.


A new target for the Lea Army

It’s time to send our Lea army another way!


Dodger of PressHeartToContinue plays a lot anime-style and pixel-art games – so CrossCode would fit right in there! Let’s all send her a tweet or Youtube message, to tell her about CrossCode, that demo is worth giving a spin and such! And just maybe Senpai will notice us! :D

Also: Feel free to link the image!


And that’s it for today. I hope the new features could cheer you up after reading the sad news about Manlea. I hope to see you all soon again when a new update comes around the corner. I predict the next one to be rather huge!

Till then, don’t forget to buy lotsa eggs!


  • I really enjoyed this game! Wish I could support it by donation money but at the time I am unable to do so BUT! as soon as I can I will! :)

    Anyways keep up good work and hope to see more about this game as for 2D game it is absolutely amazing what you did!

  • I love Crosscode, I’m a huge fan of this game, I bought early access, not regret, an amazing game, I recommend to all!

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