CrossCode Version 0.7 Release on June 20 + Last Minute Hero Results


Small update! To make sure we have everything finished and working well for the next update we need to postpone the release by another two days.

Version 0.7 will be released on Monday, June 20!

Sorry for the delay, but well… it’s just two days, right?

Last Minute Hero Results


Probably about a year ago, we picked the winners of the Last Minute Hero Raffle from our Indiegogo campaign. We did that during a stream, but never really announced the results in any blog post. Whoops!

So better late than never, here are the results:

In total we have 174 LMH members. Each and everyone will be mentioned in the game within the member list of the guild.

Among all those members we have randomly chosen winners for special roles. These are:


[Price] –> [CrossCentral User Id] – [character name] ([character Class])

  • Quest NPC –> User 105 – [No character name]  (Quadroguard)
  • Regular NPC –> User 230 – Tetrangle (Spheromancer)
  • Regular NPC –>  User 188 – Niki (Spheromancer)
  • Regular NPC –> User 163 – Geeklich (Hexacast)
  • Statue –> User 208 – Schilderich (Quadroguard)
  • Statue –> User 117 – VidMaster Eon (Spheromancer)
  • Statue  –> User 70 – elvissteinjr (Quadroguard)
  • Statue –> User 89 – [No character name]  ([No Class])
  • Statue –> User 151DIO-SVK (Triblader)
  • Statue  –> User 184Saintrl (Hexacast)
  • Statue  –> User 129 – Robe-RT (Triblader)

Note: You can still change your character name and class.

Also: All LMH special roles as well as all Indiegogo perks with ingame content (your own NPC, Enemy etc.) will be implemented towards the end of development. When the time comes, we’ll contact you directly to plan your content.

Until next week!


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