CrossCode now with Voice Acting!


Note: the Voice Acting Feature was a prank for April Fools Day. Read more about it at the end of the post

Today we have a very special release for you! CrossCode version 0.9.1 now adds Voice Acting for most of the main characters. That’s right: You can now listen to the voice of Lea, Emilie, Sergey, Apollo and many other characters!

CrossCode is all about its characters and their story. Giving those characters a voice has the potential to further elevate the whole experience – if done right! That’s why we took extra care to assemble the most qualified team of professional voice actors.

And so we proudly present:

The Voice Actors of CrossCode

leaLea voiced by Florian ‘Teflo’ Valentin Valerius

emilieEmilie voiced by Fleur ‘Teflo’ Valentin Valerius

sergeySergey voiced by F10514N ‘Teflo’ Valentin Valerius

schneiderSchneider voiced by FloriNEIN ‘Teflo’ Valentin Valerius

shizukaShizuka voiced by Furorian-chan ‘Teflo’ Valentin Valerius

satoshiSatoshi voiced by Furorian-kun ‘Teflo’ Valentin Valerius

carla-vaCarla voiced by Flow ‘Teflo’ Valentin Valerius

captainCaptain Jet voiced by Floriarrrrrrn ‘Teflo’ Valentin Valerius

fancyguyApollo voiced by Flowright ‘Teflo’ Justin Justitian

shady-dudeShady Adversary voiced by Fl*rian ‘Teflo’ Valentin Valerius

designerStrange Blue Guy voiced by Florilord ‘Teflo’ Valentin Valerius

More Voice Acting for other characters is planned for future releases! Probably.

And that’s all for version 0.9.1! Have fun!

Note: For those players who simply don’t appreciate high quality voices acting, we added an option to disable it.

UPDATE: Happy April Fools Day!

Yes, the high quality Voice Acting was a prank. While we’d love to have proper voice acting, it’s not something we can easily afford to do. So this is about the best you’ll get.
With the release of Hotfix Version 0.9.1-1 the Voice Acting has now been removed again – at least by default. If you truly miss those voices, you can enable them again with the Bonus Code “Best-VA”. You can use the same code to disable it again. Also note that Voice Acting will always be disabled by default when you restart the application.


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