CrossCode: Hi-Lights + Gamescom


Some time has passed so let’s do another small Hi-Lights Post! There are some changes we can show off, but also some news about Gamescom! Because yes, we’ll be there!

Recent Progress

Lots of stuff happened since the last update! There is just a little problem: we don’t want to show much of the recent progress to avoid spoilers! So if it seems like there is little new stuff… that’s why.

Anyway, here are some of the things we actually can show off:

We work on the new area Sapphire Ridge. While the tileset is pretty much derived from the area of the intro, we added couple more tiles and details.

Sapphire Ridge will feature densly grown bamboo trees, but there will be hidden gaps where you can wander through!

There will also be more plants to destroy! The destruction of nature shall continue!

Another thing we worked on is the new Trophies menu! And yes, eventually some of these trophies will be connected to Steam Achievements!

…And yeah. That’s all. Again: Lot’s of stuff happening in secret! Really!



Gamescom, that massive trade fair for video games, will be next week in Cologne, Germany! And we’ll be there as well!

We plan to attend Gamescom on August 22 and 23! We won’t have any booth but will be there as visitors. We’ll also bring CrossCode stickers! If anybody is there as well and wants to meet up, just let us know via E-Mail, Twitter or Discord. We’ll also use Twitter and Discord to potentially organize meetups while we’re there.

And yeah, that’s all pretty much! Until next time!


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