CrossCode 1.0.2 – Achievements and Trading Cards


…time to dig up that old image again! Today we release CrossCode version 1.0.2 adding support for Steam Achievements and Trading Cards + a few smaller content additions.

Steam Achievements

Finally they’re here! Steam Achievements have been added and will be automatically synchronized with your trophies once you start the updated game. That means you’ll likely get a lot of achievements at once.

Note that only trophies marked with this symbol give you achievements!

Steam Trading Cards


Next we also finally added Steam Trading cards! There are a total of 7 Cards as well as 9 emoticons and 3 backgrounds! Happy collecting!

More changes


Apart from all these Steam related features, we also added the usual bunch of bug fixes and also a few content additions!

  • The plaza of the Last Minute Heroes HQ can be entered and it includes the first few statues! The interior is still closed off, but it will open up with the next update.
  • There are a few more NPCs in CrossWorlds including a new cameo guest role somewhere in Bergen village.
  • The new stat “Time played with Assist Mode” was added to the Statistics menu.

And that’s all for now! Meanwhile, we’re already working on new quests as well as the arena of Rhombus Square. Expect more updates in the following months!

Until next time!

Note: We unfortunately haven’t been able to get the Chinese translation for the new content in time. We’ll make sure to update the translation via a Hotfix as soon as it is available.


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