NPC Dialog Contest + We won an award!


Hello everyball!

The year 2018 is coming to a close, but before it ends we have a little competition for you! Also, we won an award!

NPC Dialog Contest

You may have noticed that CrossCode is filled to the brim with NPCs! You may also have noticed that a lot of them… just stand there and don’t even say anything. With this competition we plan to change this!

How to participate:

  • Find a single NPC or a group of NPCs in the game that are missing dialog
  • Write a fitting dialog in English! Make sure to specify if it’s a Regular Dialog or Xeno Dialog (more: read below)
  • Send the dialog + a screenshot of the NPC(s) to
  • Each participant can only submit one dialog!

Deadline: December 16 11:59pm PST

What to win:


The 5 best submissions will win a physical CrossCode Soundtrack sponsored by First Press Games!
The 20 best submissions will be implemented into the game with an optional credits entry!

Dialog Types


There are two ways to write dialogs:
Regular Dialog: The player needs to explicitly interact with the NPC to start the conversation. This fits best for single NPCs

Xeno Dialogs: Speech bubbles will appear over the NPCs when you move close to them. Those work best for group of NPCs that talk with each other independent of the player.

Optionally, you can also switch from a “Xeno Dialog” to a “Regular Dialog”. This usually happens, when Lea wants to comment on something the NPCs are talking about. This usually happens during one specific sentence of the Xeno dialog, so make sure to mention which one it is!

How Dialogs are evaluated


There are a lot of criteria we will judge dialogs by.
Apart from the more abstract “we just like it”, here are a few of them you should definitely consider:

  • Does the dialog fit into the setting of CrossCode?
  • Are known character involved in the conversation (e.g. Lea or Emilie) acting in-character?
  • Is it entertaining or otherwise interesting to read?
  • Is it original and not redundant with another dialog already in the game?
  • Does it have a proper length? NPCs dialogs should not be too long. About 10 sentences at most. Try to keep it short!
  • Does it have proper spelling and grammar? (Small mistakes are fine, we make them ourselves all the time as well)
  • When it includes references to other games, shows, characters outside of CrossCode, are those references subtle enough so we don’t get into trouble?
  • Is it safe-for-work? I mean yeah… it’s just text. But you never know!

Some other rules

By submitting your dialog, you give us permission to use your dialog, as submitted or in a modified form as well as translated versions of your dialog, in future versions of CrossCode without further compensation.

…this should all be pretty obvious, but just to be sure!

CrossCode Christmas Giveaway

In addition to the NPC Dialog Contest there is also another “CrossCode Giveaway” raffle, held by our very generous community member streetclaw!
You can win CrossCode Game + Soundtrack Keys for Steam and even a complete Foil Cards Set!

You participate by retweeting this here tweet
More Details here:

We won an award!

And last but not least, we attended this year’s German Developer Awards and…


CrossCode won the Best Indie Game award!

We feel very honored especially considering that this year’s competition was very strong with games such as Far: Lone Sails participating.

In addition, we’ve been nominated in 5 more categories:

Best Game Design
Best Story
Best PC/Console Game
Best German Game
Best Studio (for Radical Fish Games)

Gamedev Stream tonight


This is just a little reminder that we’re still holding regular gamedev streams! In fact, the next one will be today!

When: 20:00 CET, 11am PST
What: We’ll work on a new quest for one of our Indiegogo backers! In fact, we’ll start working on a new mini boss fight!

And that’s all! There will be another update post still this year (before Christmas) where we talk about ongoing development again.

Until next time!


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