Weekly Update #21 Close Combat

Hello there!

We finally have some updates for you! And since we did not had that much to tell we made a video to show you the newest feature we implemented: Close Combat.

Close combat makes it possible to attack multiple enemies at once. This is especially useful when surrounded by a large group of enemies. To demonstrate this have a look at the following video:

Pweee~ That was close… those mice will always hunt you down!

You can attack via close combat by pressing the right shoulder button without moving the right analog stick on the gamepad (These are the controls you can see in the video). With mouse and keyboard you click the left mouse button close to the character and she will commence an attack. To get used to the range in which you have to click, a circle will appear around the protagonist whenever you make a close combat attack:


You will be able to switch off the circle via an option if you feel confident with the controls.

So what else? We are currently working on a new combat feature which we call “Element Mode“. More information on this feature at a later point when we can show what this mode does!

And that’s it (the About #2 post will arrive later)!


  • Did you plan all this features right away the sketchboard or is especially this close-combat-thing something risen from ‘You know what I hate about CrossCode?’ – ‘What?’ – ‘Being surrounded by rats-‘ – ‘Mice!’ – ‘- and can’t get rid of them since my balls-‘ – ‘Energy balls!’ – ‘-are too small and focussed.’ ?

    It appears the last way, and therefore I ask myself how likely it is to have an axe, dragon summoning skills and prince-of-persia-moves as well as thermonuclear strike in the finished game?

    Besides, it looks great and pretty useful to punch down stunned enemies and I’m looking forward the thermonuclear animation.

    • Hi again!
      You know, the regular mice are still easier to defeat with balls because they run away to keep distance. :P

      Well, CrossCode started out as a mini game with no RPG elements whatsoever. I think it’s not uncommon to adapt a game concept during the development.

      That being said, we planned to have an option for close combat before the release of the actual TechDemo.
      I’m not really sure about the axe, dragon summoning and thermonuclear strikes, but we plan to have some flashy special attacks at a later point. :D

  • NEEEEW MORE-FITTING MUSIC! Nice job with that, Intero!

    The sprite seems moderately like Bot-chan is forming a ball, not firing it, then just moving her arm to whack mice with the power of aura.

    Or she’s giving the mice a nice bath while hitting them with some sticks for a sound effect. Teflo, go do your job!

    Either way, I like that addition! You have recieved approval.

    And element mode… I predict that enemies will be given an element, out of 3 in a rocks-paper-scissors fashion, and you can change the element of your ball attacks somehow.
    How wrong was I?

    • Your guess about the elements goes in the right direction, but it won’t be in simple rock-paper-scissors fashion (but also now as complex as, say, Pokemon).

      Glad you like the new track. :D

  • I like this ;]

One Trackback

  • […] Last Week we teased the element mode which will take a great role in combat. When fighting, you can enter one of the 4 modes Heat, Cold, Shock or Wave. Each element comes with its advantages and disadvantages. You will be weak to the counter element (Heat/ Cold and Shock/Wave) and you will inflict more damage with the element you’re in (more information about the properties of each element at a later point). Whenever you’re in an element mode you can overheat. To prevent this you must switch to Neutral-Mode to cool down. If not, you will be forced into Neutral-mode and can not access any element mode for a set period of time. […]

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