Presenting: Filia! (Also Project Terra Updates)

Hello everyball!

Boi oh boi, do we have something special for you today! The team has been hard at work creating amazing art and we feel like it’s about time to reveal more characters to you! That’s why today we present to you: Filia o’ Marmis

(Concept Art by @Nomnomroko)

Just look at that hair! Filia is warm and gentle fuzzball. She grew up in a big… BIG family and as a result learned how to care and be patient with people early in her life. She doesn’t do well with silence and will use small talk to fill the void, which will be a perfect contrast to our introverted protagonist. Filia grew up in the same village as Juno, yet their relationship might start off a bit icy. But over the course of the adventure you’ll find that she has much to offer and we hope you’ll learn to love her as much as we do.

That’s all for now, BUT we do plan to slowly reveal more about the setting the game takes place over time soon. Nevertheless, here’s a small teaser:

Both Juno & Filia were chosen by the gods to fulfill a role, but both have been discharged – each for their own reason”.

You interpret that as you see want ;D


Project Terra Updates

Apart from all the nice art, there’s been a lot of progress on the game’s system recently. We made the choice to move away from shadowed text and commit fully to outlined text with an option to toggle the outline whenever we need it. You’ll also be able to switch to a bitmap font as well which is inspired by CrossCode but contains various changes to fit the more roundish theme of Project Terra.

We hope this helps those that have trouble reading bitmap fonts for any reason. The system is designed in a way to support virtually any font, allowing us to insert custom dyslexia-friendly font.

Buffs are back but this time, they play a larger role and are provided to you by a unique cooking system that aims to eliminate the dreaded “hoarding” issue many RPGs face. Instead of simply buying and hoarding items, buffs and healing options are provided by the food you cook – and will be replaced by the next meal! We’ll talk more about it in a later post but for now, let’s simply enjoy this short clip of Juno using a buff:

By now we also finalized the design of the HUD in the lower left corner:

The bottom entry represents your “healing item” which receives various buffs based on the meal you consumed. Healing is done over time and you won’t heal after each battle. But you can recharge them at any checkpoint!

Lachsen has been busy working on the TOP SECRET boss and boy does it look good. We can’t wait to show it off, but we want to save that one for a special occasion. He did however also worked on other enemies and detailing the start of the game so here’s a preview of that for ya:

Weather plays an important role in our new world and we really wanted to create a system that allows us to blend all kind of effects and make changes to the climate persistent across maps. Teflora has been working on that a lot and you can see a bit of that in this post:

As you can see not only can we change weather based on maps, we can also dynamically switch it based on the environment. This includes bigger effects that will change the feeling of an area dramatically, too!

And finally:

LASER Wooden Bridges!

We would also like to remind those that are interested in the process of creating a game to follow us on Twitch or join our Discord server for development streams!

That’s all for today. We have much more to show, so stay tuned. Have a nice day and until next time!


  • *Cracks knuckles*
    *Rolls shoulders*
    *Puts on goggles*
    *Smiles maniacally*

    Oh yeah, it’s shipping time.

  • Golden_Fryingpan on October 27, 2022 at 6:11 pm said:

    Looks cool, really interessted to see more about the setting of the game, also always nice to have a roundup of all the twitter news, good for those unable or unwilling to get the news through main source.

  • Looks GORGEOUS, wanna get my hand on a demo already!!!

    Crosscode is a masterpiece, expecting a lot from this one guys!

  • I’ve been following this game on and off for a while and seeing these blog posts always get me a little more excited. I am absolutely looking forward to seeing you all turning this into another masterpiece like Crosscode!

  • Wooden bridges!

  • Well… At the first glance of Filia, Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West came to my mind. Isn’t her nose somehow too big? No offence but it’s the fact that at the first glance I thought she has a pig nose and was surprised…

  • Hanam_dog_master on November 12, 2022 at 6:07 pm said:

    It looks really great. The variety of settings seems to have deepened even more.
    The release date is eagerly awaited.

  • oh my god this is looking amazing, i loved crosscode and i am loving how is Terra looking, but a question is always in my mind, this will be a sequel of crosscode or anything that will be directly conected?

  • Stephen Harris-MacAskill on December 7, 2022 at 10:07 pm said:

    Looking good devs, I can already see another banger in the line. Keep up the great work, obviously won’t be out for a long while yet but so long as its quality, that hardly matters.

  • Looks even more polished that CrossCode which I thought would be impossible.
    Waiting for this game like no other

  • Looking great, looking forward to binging.

  • Not laser bridges!

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