The DevBlog is still alive! + CrossCode ~ The Ultimate Arrange

Greetings everyball and happy Holidays New Year Eastern Long Overdue Blogpost Day!

Wow, it is already late April and this year still hasn’t seen a single update on this very blog? That has been pretty neglectful of us and we apologize for leaving this place unused for so long.

However, as you might have seen on our (more regularly updated) Twitter, we have not been sitting idle in those last months. Development has been progressing at a steady pace and while we obviously can’t show you everything for spoiler- and “work-in-progress”-reasons, there is still quite a lot to present to you here!

Also, especially fans of CrossCode and its soundtrack may look forward to an announcement about CrossCode ~ The Ultimate Arrange, which was released earlier today!

Equipment Menu

A lot of progress has been made with menues, among them the equipment menu which will let you equip gems into your equipment to increase stats and unlock specialized modifiers.

As you can see, it also gives you a helpful overview over your current stats, resistances and modifiers!

New Weapons, Puzzles and Enemies

You already knew that Juno can fight with Sword at close and Crossbow at long ranges, but in recent months new weapons have been added to her arsenal: The Hammer and the Chakram.

The Hammer is the go-to slow melee weapon that packs a mighty oomph and is the perfect choice when you want to knock enemies around and can also break certain obstacles!

The Chakram as a round-shaped throwing-weapon might be extra exciting for CrossCode fans. However, its gimmick won’t be wall-bouncing! Instead it behaves like a boomerang and always comes back to the user. It will also have special interactions with certain orb-like Puzzle-Entities and be able to catch and then launch them regardless of player position!

As for new enemies to fight, several have been created in the past months, though many either lack their final visual polish or are too secret to show, yet. However at the beginning of the video you saw a new kind of hostile Turtle who is mostly finished!

This tough foe has a sturdy shell that protects it from most attacks. It needs a powerful blunt instrument to crack and, with the right timing, a hefty swing might even interrupt its spin-attack and cause a vulnerable stagger!

Fishing Village and Waterfalls

We will finish the “Project Terra”-part of this update with a small look at this serene Fishing Village at the coast.

Those pretty waterfalls are actually another big technical feature that got implemented by Teflora! Having them look right in our style was especially tricky to do, since they use a curved surface. Giving it a fitting pixel-look and connecting it seamlessly to the water was far from trivial.

CrossCode ~ The Ultimate Arrange

Aside from the Progress on our new game, we can also proudly announce the release of an arrangement album of the CrossCode OST, published by Materia Music. Our composer Deniz Akbulut has been working on it in collaboration with artists from around the world, including STEEL_PLUS aka はがね (Hagane), who did the tracks for the CrossCode DLC!

Listen to it on bandcamp!

Also, the cover art has been done by Yoshihiko Arawi, who was also the art director on Klonoa!

And thus we reached the end of this long-overdue update! We will do our best to not take as long until the next one, with hopefully more good and exciting news!

Until then!


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