CrossCode DLC Console Release Date

It’s in the image!

The CrossCode “A New Home” DLC will release for PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch on August 5th – in about a week!

And with this, our final addition to CrossCode will finally hit consoles!

Sorry it took so long. You know how it is with certification on consoles:
It takes time.

Also one last thing:

In case you’re interested in CrossCode merch and wondered what happened with those T-Shirt Designs we posted like… years ago?
Maybe something will finally come out of it, after all. Stay tuned!

About our next game

Yes, we’re still working on that Project Terra prototype for our next game!

Here is a tweet from some time ago that gives you a first impression of what moving around will look like:

Note: That character and the animations are still very much WIP.

We already made more progress since then and will likely post more stuff soon!

… And that’s all!

Until next time!

A new Challenger Arrives!

Well, this is awkward…

For those of you who remember, we were hiring a while ago. And we said we would announce our new member soon.

BUT WE ALL FORGOT. Everyone is working hard on the new project so the announcement kinda went under. Oops.


Today we like to announce the newest member our Team: Sibylle Hell!

Sibylle convinced us with her range in art and style that we felt fits perfectly in what we imagine our next project will look.
You might even know her work from the game Sea of Solitude. She already integrated herself nicely into our workflow and started to create some
great concept that we can’t wait to show more of.

Here are some links if you want to check out her works, she’s one hell of an artist:

Welcome to the team Sibylle, we’re hyped to have you!

[Jobs] Radical Fish is Hiring!


As we dive deeper into Project Terra we realized it would be nice to have an additional environment & character concept artist that helps us realize our vision.

As the position implies, you would be working pretty much at the bedrock of the game’s design. Concepts help us realize WHAT we want and also what we DON’T WANT. They might even make us realize that we wanted something we didn’t know we wanted, pretty nifty. Our team works closely together with a discord server being the central hub for all of us to share our progress. We use weekly meetings to stay in touch and discuss milestones, problems, tasks, etc. (We also share tons of memes).
No one is ever excluded from discussions and you are always invited to voice an opinion. It’s important to us that no one feels left out in the process!

Here all the details and bullet points:

Job Title: Concept Artist (Environment/Characters/Etc.)
Job Description: See above
Basis: Freelancer (With the usual NDA shenanigans)
Starting Date: As soon as possible
Pay: Will be discussed via Mail


  • Passionate about playing and making Games
  • Proficient in creating conceptual art for both environment and characters
  • Nice person
  • Availability in Discord (Preferably in EU timezones)
  • Writing/Speaking in at least English (We also all speak German! :D)

So… that’s how you make a job offer, right? We’re new to this!
Anyway, if you’re interested, please shoot us a mail at:

Some things that would be nice to know about you:

  • Who you are, tell us about yourself!
  • A portfolio (A link to a webpage is also totally fine)
  • Any questions, because this is the first time we’re doing this, BEAR with us.

We’ll leave the offer open for the next 2-3 weeks depending on the number of applications and let everyone know once the offer is closed.

The Team

CrossCode x Quantum Protocol Collab

Hello everyball!

Starting today, you will find the cast of CrossCode in (yet) another indie game: the deckbuilding card game Quantum Protocol! For the occasion, we also release another hotfix for CrossCode, adding bunch of fixes, a tiny bit of content, as well as a small group of guest characters!

CrossCode x Quantum Protocol

With today’s update, Quantum Protocol will include a whole set of new cards featuring several CrossCode characters as well as the four elements for you to use!

Here is an overview of all newly added cards:

Those cards work in a unique way reflecting the mechanics of CrossCode. You can read more about it in this blog post

You can get Quantum Protocol on Steam here.

Hotfix version 1.4.1-3

We released another hotfix, mostly fixing bugs and spelling issues. There’s also a few small content additions, including:

A new Supporters’ Cup to be found among the custom cups, adding a few more quest related boss battles to the arena.

A new room above the Rhombus Square Item Shop assembling a whole bunch of traders for all kind of items.

A couple of guest characters from Quantum Protocol just vibing in a certain inn. Have fun finding them! Unfortunately, with no new dialogs this time.

And that’s it!

Meanwhile, the CrossCode New Home DLC is currently being ported to consoles and we’ll let you know once a release date is certain.

And otherwise, we’re all hard at work on Project Terra, currently working on a lot of things, including a new animations system:

We’ll likely create another post about Project Terra in the future, showing things a bit more in detail.

And that’s all for today! Until next time!

CrossCode: Introducing a New Skin!

Hello everyball!

CrossCode is finally complete! Or is it?

As some of you might remember, we introduced you to a certain someone, exactly 6 years ago.

Now guess who’s back?
Click to read more…