CrossCode x Quantum Protocol Collab

Hello everyball!

Starting today, you will find the cast of CrossCode in (yet) another indie game: the deckbuilding card game Quantum Protocol! For the occasion, we also release another hotfix for CrossCode, adding bunch of fixes, a tiny bit of content, as well as a small group of guest characters!

CrossCode x Quantum Protocol

With today’s update, Quantum Protocol will include a whole set of new cards featuring several CrossCode characters as well as the four elements for you to use!

Here is an overview of all newly added cards:

Those cards work in a unique way reflecting the mechanics of CrossCode. You can read more about it in this blog post

You can get Quantum Protocol on Steam here.

Hotfix version 1.4.1-3

We released another hotfix, mostly fixing bugs and spelling issues. There’s also a few small content additions, including:

A new Supporters’ Cup to be found among the custom cups, adding a few more quest related boss battles to the arena.

A new room above the Rhombus Square Item Shop assembling a whole bunch of traders for all kind of items.

A couple of guest characters from Quantum Protocol just vibing in a certain inn. Have fun finding them! Unfortunately, with no new dialogs this time.

And that’s it!

Meanwhile, the CrossCode New Home DLC is currently being ported to consoles and we’ll let you know once a release date is certain.

And otherwise, we’re all hard at work on Project Terra, currently working on a lot of things, including a new animations system:

We’ll likely create another post about Project Terra in the future, showing things a bit more in detail.

And that’s all for today! Until next time!

CrossCode: Introducing a New Skin!

Hello everyball!

CrossCode is finally complete! Or is it?

As some of you might remember, we introduced you to a certain someone, exactly 6 years ago.

Now guess who’s back?
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One last update for A New Home!

Hello everyball!

So… we’re not entirely done yet! Today we’ll release another small update for the DLC Crosscode: A New Home, adding a bit of more optional content!

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CrossCode: A New Home – Out Now!

And here it finally is! After another 2 years, we have finally released the last content extension of CrossCode!

The DLC CrossCode: A New Home is now available on Steam and GOG, currently for 10% off!
If you don’t own the main game yet, there is also currently a sale for half the price!

That’s really a lot of game for not all that much!

For Indiegogo Backers

Since the early supporters on Indiegogo made the development of CrossCode possible in the first place, we decided to make the DLC a perk of the original “Game” tier (and above) for our Indiegogo backers.
You’ll find the DLC on CrossCentral (there might be a slight delay with the upload).

What’s in the DLC

Here is what CrossCode: A New Home has to offer:

  • A playtime of about 8-15 hours
  • Ku’lero Temple: Probably the biggest dungeon we’ve ever created
  • Fight against several enemies, including over 10 new bosses
  • Run over water for the very first time in the new area Azure Archipelago
  • Tackle 8 new optional quests with unique mechanics and scenarios
  • Listen to 3 new music tracks composed by はがね/STEEL_PLUS
  • Unlock new Arena Cups and Bonus CP to fully upgrade your circuit tree!
  • And of course: Finish the raid!

Note: All the new content of the DLC is playable after the end of the main game. There is no reason to restart from the beginning – you can continue with your old save.

CrossCode Original Soundtrack EX

If you enjoy the new music of the DLC and want to support our composers, you can also buy the new CrossCode Original Soundtrack EX on Bandcamp, Steam, GOG, and other music platforms as well!

This soundtrack features not only the new tracks of the DLC, but also a number of more recent CrossCode tracks that didn’t make it into the first soundtrack, as well as a selection of old tracks from the early demos and Early Access versions.

State of Localizations

Since we’re entirely hopeless with scheduling, we ended up adding too much text content just days before the release. Our localization partners did their best to translate the new content as fast as possible, but still, the localizations might not be 100% complete by the time of the release. Just to be clear: If you see any untranslated text (which will mostly be for quests and other optional content) – that’s because we added the content way too recently! We’re sorry!

The good news is: we’re all working on the localization at this very moment and will update the game as soon as it’s completed – this will hopefully happen within a week.

How to play the DLC

The DLC will extend the story of CrossCode. So in order to play it, you need to finish the main story of CrossCode first – and you’ll need to get the good ending.

You’ve reached the good ending when the final screen looks like this:

However, when the right side of that screen is red, you got the bad ending. Don’t worry! You can get to the good ending very quickly by going to the left and replaying the final part of the game. You can even skip the last battles, dungeon, and boss fights.

Here’s a more detailed guide (with an obvious spoiler warning):

  • In the Meta Space, go to the left to be set back in time
  • Teleport to Rhombus Square – South Arch
  • Go down the stairs in the south east, then to the east entering Lloyd Passage and keep running further to the east
  • At this point, you might spot Albert sitting in a cafe in the south east of Lloyd Passage
  • Walk to Albert and talk to him! From this point on, the game will give you clear instructions on what to do next
  • Make sure you convince Albert’s friend in the following meeting!
  • If you want, you can safely skip the following raid of Vermillion Wasteland, the final dungeon and the final boss fight to get right to the ending
  • If you did everything right, you’ll get the good ending and can start playing CrossCode: A New Home!

A New Home with New Game Plus

CrossCode: A New Home is fully compatible with NG+ saves. Certain NG+ options such as Sergey Hacks might even slightly change the game’s dialog. However, keep in mind that playing the game with certain NG+ options might impact the overall difficulty and entirely negate any sort of challenge.

We recommend playing the DLC with a regular save first!

Bugs, Crashes and Worse

This DLC is our first major release since a very long time. Please keep in mind that, as with any major release, things might not be entirely stable yet. There will be bugs.

We did a lot of testing and had a very long beta phase prior to the release. However, from experience we know that there will always be issues left that we missed.
That’s why we’ll be set and ready to patch things up as quick as possible, at least for the next week or two!

Hopefully, nothing critically bad will happen. But if you want to be extra sure, we recommend keeping a save from the end of the main game.

And that’s all! Have fun with the DLC! We hope you enjoy the extended story, new battles, and puzzles!

Until next time!

CrossCode: A New Home – Trailer and Release Date

Hello everyball!

As you can see, we finally have news for you regarding the CrossCode post-game DLC!
Not only do we have a trailer for you, there’s also a release date!

The post-game DLC CrossCode: A New Home
will release for Mac & PC on February 26, 2021!
The release for consoles will follow this summer!

You can already wishlist the DLC on Steam!
The price for the DLC will be 8.99 US$.

Here a list of things you can expect:

An extended Rhombus Square that even includes a beach now!

The new area “Azure Archipelago” – ready to be explored!

Finally completing the raid!

The new Ku’lero Temple – probably the biggest dungeon of the whole game.

Several new quests all around CrossWorlds – you might even end up on a highway!

An extension to the main plot – learn more about how things continue for Lea and the others.

Of course, this DLC also comes with new, exciting music tracks to make the final chapter of CrossCode a very memorable one. However, our usual composer Deniz Akbulut unfortunately wasn’t available anymore at this time to make the last CrossCode tracks. He recently has moved to Japan to learn Japanese and enter a university to study music. He had to put his full focus on preparing for the tough entrance exams; his last exam was today actually!

He recommended a good friend of his, who is also incredibly talented, to take over the burden of finishing CrossCode’s soundtrack. So, we are proud to announce that the new DLC will feature new music written by
はがね/STEEL_PLUS (Twitter)!

We know it took us a while, but as always we wanted to tune all those little knobs close to perfection. What came out of it is something we’re very proud of. Thanks for all the support and allowing us to cramp everything in the DLC that we wanted. We did also try to incorporate feedback regarding the difficulty of puzzles (especially those that required precise timings). Once the DLC hits, please let us know what you think of them and the new puzzle element!

And with all that being said… see you again next week, for the release!