CrossCode: Hi-lights of the Week


After the holidays we finally got our developer mojo back. Of course this also means a new Hi-Light is here!


We added a small holiday quest which you can still try to finish! It will stay for a while.


Stefan added the Lore Menu! Here you can get intel on various topics, like characters and the world itself.


He also started work on the Enemy Menu! In this one you will find stats, drops and small info texts about every enemy you come across. To make show enemies in menus, Felix added a new option to show even bosses! Neato!


Additonally Felix started work on the Story again and implemented a private message interface for key scenes.

Alright, that’s it. Over and out!


  • Hi!

  • Banana Man on January 4, 2016 at 9:16 pm said:

    OH, MY, GOORSH! Everything looks amazing! But especially, especially that hedgehog sandwich! That made my day! xDD

  • So what about the weekly part of this?

    Is this going to be an every week thing or is it more of “We’re trying to get this out every week but we’re already stretching thin so we’re calling this weekly but really we’re doing this whenever we can.”


    • Well… it’s not like we didn’t have enough to show but well… we just forgot about it. There will be another Hi-Light this Weekend and we’ll try to be more consistent about it in the future.

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